Anderson Cooper Had This To Say About Chris Cuomo's Firing From CNN

We're sure a lot of people had thoughts about Chris Cuomo's firing from CNN. After all, when a reporter who's been with the network since 2013 leaves (via The Hollywood Reporter), it's expected for fans and workers alike to have a lot of thoughts.

And, now it looks like some are speaking up. Anderson Cooper, a fellow journalist whose primetime show aired before Cuomo, revealed his thoughts on the Cuomo firing on "The Late Show," per The Week. Though Cooper doesn't wish Cuomo any ill will, he also believes there's a code of ethics with journalism, and unfortunately, Cuomo broke it.

"Journalists have strict ethics and strict rules that we are to abide by, and if you don't abide by them, there are repercussions," he said. "I wish Chris the best, and I'm sorry for how all of this played out, and I hate for this for his family. But it's a business with very big responsibilities, and there are repercussions."

Anderson Cooper said a lot of people were surprised over Cuomo's termination

While there is this strict code, Cooper also acknowledged how surprising it was to find out about Cuomo's termination. The journalist added that no one was told beforehand that Cuomo would be leaving the network. "I don't know about surprise overall but I mean, it didn't happen, and then it did happen very quickly," Cooper said. "I think people were surprised the day it actually happened when it happened."

Cuomo was suspended on Nov. 30 after CNN began an investigation into the anchor's behavior with his brother, former New York governor Andrew Cuomo. The investigation, which was conducted by a private law office, revealed Cuomo violating multiple journalism ethics, AP News revealed. Though it was somewhat predictable that Chris was giving his brother advice on his public sex scandals, what was surprising was Chris' suspension and eventual termination, considering the network first backed up the media star, AP News said. Adding that Chris' own show is the network's highest-rated show this year, his termination becomes more of a surprise.

However, as Cooper said on "The Late Show," when it comes down to it, Chris broke the rules and there are repercussions for that.