Actress Zoe Lister-Jones Recounts Chris Noth's Disturbing Behavior

Hollywood has been rocked in recent days by shocking allegations of sexual assault made against "Sex and the City" star Chris Noth. Amidst the rollout of the highly-anticipated reboot "And Just Like That," in which Noth reprises his role as Carrie Bradshaw's one true love, Mr. Big, three women have come forward detailing appalling behavior stretching back several years. Per the The Daily Beast, a woman using the pseudonym Ava came forward to allege she'd been sexually assaulted by the actor while working as a waitress in New York City back in 2010.

Speaking to People, Noth's rep stated, "The story is a complete fabrication, and the alleged accounts detailed throughout read like a piece of bad fiction."

The Hollywood Reporter previously published shocking allegations from two women earlier in the same week, one of which took place in 2004 and the other in 2015. The actor promptly responded to the allegations, claiming both encounters were "consensual." Noth has also been dropped by his talent agency as a result of the ongoing controversy. Now, a former co-worker of Noth has come out with her own story. 

If you or anyone you know has been a victim of sexual assault, help is available. Visit the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network website or contact RAINN's National Helpline at 1-800-656-HOPE (4673).

Zoe Lister-Jones made allegations against Chris Noth

Zoe Lister-Jones, who has starred in the likes of "New Girl" and "Life in Pieces" over the years, per IMDb, took to Instagram to share her experience of working alongside Chris Noth. Describing him as a "sexual predator," Lister-Jones detailed how she used to work at a club owned by the "SATC" star and alleged that he was frequently "sexually inappropriate with a fellow female promoter." 

Lister-Jones also detailed her experience guest-starring on "Law & Order" around the same time, alleging that Noth acted inappropriately. "He was drunk on set. During my interrogation scene he had a 22 oz. of beer under the table that he would drink in between takes. In one take he got close to me, sniffed my neck, and whispered, 'You smell good,'" she wrote. 

The actor also acknowledged that she never spoke up, nor did the promoter in question. IMDb confirms the actor appeared in the hit crime drama back in 2005, in an episode titled "Diamond Dogs," which was actually Noth's big return to the series. According to Page Six, Noth co-owns the Manhattan club The Cutting Room, and was also an investor in another, since-closed hotspot called The Plumm. Lister-Jones described her experiences with Noth as "small" compared to the stories of the other women who have come forward, but argued, "Navigating predation at any level is a burden all women have to bear. And for the most part there is no accountability, and no consequence."