How To Protect Your Rings While Wearing Winter Gloves

As the cold season sets in, it's important to bundle up, but jewelry can get lost in our layers. Necklaces can get tangled, and rings can get lost in long sleeves and gloves. It can generally be hard to manage these jewelry items despite wanting to look good all winter long. Still, there's a way that rings can be worn without interfering with keeping your hands warm in gloves.

You should never leave rings on all the time. Bacteria and other germs can grow around the ring and your finger if you leave it on all the time, and if you don't take it off during potentially dangerous events, your ring could be lost forever (via Brides). After all, some simple everyday tasks can be disastrous for rings. Washing your dishes can lead to your ring falling down the sink, and taking out the garbage can lead to your ring being lost in the trash, or germs infesting it. Failure to take off one's ring for tasks like these is one of the biggest mistakes people make with their wedding rings (via Wedding Ideas Magazine).

Still, winter is a different beast altogether. There are ultimately only a few things you can do to protect your rings from being harmed by your gloves during the cold season.

These tips will keep your rings safe forever

Making a mistake with your ring isn't always as grand as losing the diamond in your engagement ring or accidentally leaving it in a hotel room. Instead, the everyday ways in which we handle our rings matter in big ways, and focusing on this during wintertime is of utmost importance — and there are some perfect ways to avoid any damage coming to your precious jewelry.

According to Bustle, one of the easiest ways you can manage wearing both rings and gloves is to invert the ring when putting on your glove. This keeps the ring more securely in place and prevents it from falling off when you take the glove off. Moreover, they recommend buying gloves with stretchier fabric or in a bigger size if you know you're going to be wearing rings often. Both of these options will give the ring room to easily slide in and out without scratching it or harming it in any way. This will also prevent it from falling out.

Love and Promise Jewelers further adds that the simplest way to take care of your gloves in wintertime is to take your time when putting your gloves on and taking them off. Apply as little pressure as possible and don't rush it. It may feel like a waste of time, but rings are too expensive to harm in a moment of haste. (They recommend never wearing rings with latex gloves, though.)

When asked about this on PriceScope, many women responded that they simply opt for mittens rather than gloves in the winter. Mittens don't have individual finger holes, so the ring will have much more room to breathe and less chance of getting harmed.