Will Chloe Ting Workouts Really Give You Abs?

Who hasn't heard of Chloe Ting? Seriously, if you haven't heard of her, head to YouTube ASAP. Ting is one of the most recognizable faces on the video-streaming app. Unlike other YouTubers, she's not known for her beauty or lifestyle, but more so for her fitness content, specifically her ab workouts. As Distractify reported, one of Ting's most-watched videos is the two-week shred challenge. Ting instructs viewers to complete numerous core workouts for the challenge, from reverse crunches to double planks. Considering over 2 million people have watched this shred challenge (and many have even completed it), you'd think her challenge has 100% guaranteed results. But according to some experts, that might not be the case.


Insider revealed that Ting's ab workouts would probably not give you abs in such a short period. First, you can't reduce fat in one particular area. Secondly, exercise only goes so far. "It's like 90% diet. If you watch your nutrition very, very closely, you can get abs," personal trainer Noam Tamir told Insider. Here's why else Ting may not be giving you the whole truth when it comes to getting defined abs.

Chloe Ting's workouts will help you lose some weight

The thing about fitness, Insider revealed, is that it's complicated. You can't use a strategy for one person and apply it to all. Furthermore, not everybody can form an 11-pack in less than a month. In fact, you may not be able to develop any abs at all. It's just a matter of genetics. However, while the shred challenge may not get you that ripped stomach you're looking for, it doesn't mean Ting's routines don't shed a few pounds here or there. One TikTok user shared success with Ting's routine, saying, "Chloe you're my herooo." Others also confirmed they're slightly slimmer since working out, Distracfity added.


That said, an intense workout like Ting's is perfect for fitness beginners. With little workout equipment needed and the free-of-charge price, almost anyone can begin their fitness journey with Ting. As long as you have a healthy diet, you'll lose that extra weight in no time (and we mean in a few months, of course). Why not start now?