What Really Happened Between Madison LeCroy And Austen Kroll

We first met Madison LeCroy and Austen Kroll on the popular Bravo reality television series "Southern Charm." If there has ever been a headline that has most accurately described the couple's relationship, it would be this one by Elite Daily: "Madison LeCroy & Austen Kroll's Relationship Timeline Is So Exhausting." Since they first met in January 2018, the tumultuous ups and downs of Kroll and LeCroy's relationship have been hard to follow, to say the least. However, "Southern Charm" producers have done their best to document their many fights, breakups, and reconciliations.

The couple's first breakup occurred in October 2018, just three months after a video was leaked showing LeCroy catching Kroll in bed with two other women. Despite the incriminating nature of the video, Kroll claimed that the video was filmed during an early part of their relationship, according to Entertainment Tonight. It seems as though this video was not a reason for their split in 2018, as Kroll revealed that the pair called it quits during an episode of "Southern Charm" after he discovered that she was messaging other men on social media. Shortly after the couple called it quits, though, they reunited during a trip to Colorado at the end of the sixth season of "Southern Charm." However, their reunion didn't last long (yet again).

Their different approaches to the pandemic were the final nail in their relationship coffin

Shortly after the "Southern Charm" season six reunion aired, Madison LeCroy told Us Weekly that her relationship with Austen Kroll was "complicated." However, Kroll told Us Weekly that the pair were very much together just months later. "Madison and I have certainly tried to go our own ways, and we just find ourselves back with each other ... She's just my person. And I'm telling myself to quit fighting it," Kroll said.

Like many other couples, LeCroy and Kroll's relationship seemed to falter significantly at the height of the coronavirus pandemic. While filming the seventh season of "Southern Charm," the pair disagreed on how to handle quarantining and other matters pertaining to the virus. Unlike LeCroy, who thought it was important to stay home to keep herself and her son safe, Kroll contracted COVID-19 after partying with friends in Charleston, South Carolina. Finally, in December 2020, the pair called it quits for good, with LeCroy officially confirming the news to Us Weekly. "We are not together right now. I am 1,000 percent single, and so is he ... I definitely think that quarantine was either gonna make it or break [our] relationship, and unfortunately, we did not come out stronger," she said.

The drama didn't end after LeCroy and Kroll officially split

Even after Madison LeCroy and Austen Kroll split in December 2020, the pair still managed to make headlines with their strange antics. Shortly after announcing they had broken up, Kroll and LeCroy sparked dating rumors with other high-profile celebrities. Kroll was thought to be dating Kristin Cavallari, but LeCroy helped to extinguish those reports. According to Elite Daily, in response to a fan asking if Cavallari and Kroll were together, LeCroy commented, "Yeah, trust me if he was with her he wouldn't be sending me songs at midnight ... last night. Bless." Strangely enough, LeCroy sparked dating rumors with Cavallari's ex, Jay Cutler, but those rumors have since been denied.

Earlier this month, LeCroy shocked many fans when she announced she was engaged to her boyfriend of seven months, Brett Randle. "This is like my mom said, 'You'll know when you know.' That's exactly how I feel with this. It's crazy to have someone that respects you as much as I respect him. Like for the first time in my life ... I feel like I'm finally grown up and found a man," LeCroy told Us Weekly. A quick scroll through LeCroy's Instagram profile reveals just how happy (and annoyingly photogenic) the couple is. It seems as though Kroll is the last person on her mind as LeCroy looks ahead to her future with Randle.