Madison LeCroy Responds To Claims She Photoshopped Her Photos

While being a celebrity and online personality might seem like one of the greatest gigs out there, as it turns out, it's possible that it's not all it's cracked up to be. Indeed, if you're a person in the public eye, it's simply inevitable that on a daily basis, the public will criticize you for any given reason. And thanks to social media, critiques and harsh opinions are nearly impossible to escape from. Madison LeCroy knows the harsh realities of being a celebrity better than most, as she's recently been forced to respond to hundreds of comments on her Instagram regarding her body.

Single mom Madison is best known as one of the members of Charleston, South Carolina's elite group of socialites on the Bravo reality series "Southern Charm." In addition, she's a professional makeup artist and hairstylist who specializes in balayage styles and loves to show off her Pinterest-worthy beauty salon, per her website. Whispers have also been circulating over the past few months suggesting that Madison might have had some part in the big breakup between Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez, as news of their split reportedly surfaced only a month after the public was made aware that she and Rodriguez were DMing (via Us Magazine). Both parties denied the rumors of an affair, per Page Six.

Rodriguez aside, though, Madison has been facing criticism for another reason.

Fans think her pictures were Photoshopped

On her Instagram account, Madison LeCroy shares her life, family, business, and fitness gains to her half a million followers. In some of her most recent Instagram activities, however, the tone of her content changed quite a bit as she doubled down and addressed hate and accusations suggesting that she Photoshops her Instagram photos. 

The comments began after Madison posted a few bikini photos — some to her feed and others to her Instagram Story, which are present for 24 hours — that many believed appeared to be Photoshopped and edited. One user wrote, "Photoshop fail, left leg inner thigh and outer thigh," one person wrote. " She's so pretty and still feels the need to photoshop sheesh." Another person commented, "The person who Photoshopped this should be taught that hips don't look like that," as well as, "Straight on, that left hip is terrible."

Other comments began to mention the rumors surrounding her and Rodriguez, accusing her of attempting to stay relevant by "breaking up an engagement" and unrealistically editing her Instagram photos (via Yahoo! News).

Madison has been honest with the public about her body

Madison LeCroy wasted no time addressing these hateful comments. She posted a photo of herself in a bikini to her Instagram Story with a caption that read, "Also for all of you who think plastic surgery 'did it all' you're nuts ... I work hard to be in shape not just diced up." Madison added, "Can't 'Photoshop' a live photo trolls ... try again," she wrote, via Bravo TV.

While Madison fervently denies ever having Photoshopped, enhanced, or edited her photos, she has been quite transparent about her relationship with plastic surgery. In February, Madison opened up to Bravo Insider to share that she had "tweaked" her body "just a bit," and that she wanted to address the topic in the hopes of opening up a healthy dialogue on the notion of body augmentations.

"The thing was, I put in so much work. I worked out, I ate well, and there were things that I just could not change," Madison explained. "And that is because I had a ten-pound baby, and every mother knows that things are very different after that." She explained that she wanted to be certain that whatever she opted to change about her body, that it would be "tasteful" and would make her "happy."