The Flower Tattoo Trend That Merged With The Body Positivity Movement

Tattoos continue to grow increasingly popular, and as such, they've begun coming in waves. These trends, just like eras of any other art style, depict specific designs, shaping techniques, and colors, among other tattoo aspects. The tattoo trend everyone's trying right now isn't the same as two years ago, and that one isn't the same as the trends from five years ago — and so on. Interesting right now are the 2010s' tattoo trends people are already regretting. Oof!

According to Byrdie, tattoo trends that people were most excited about in 2021 included psychedelic designs, symbolic designs, astrology designs, and flower tattoo designs that haven't been overdone (yet), among a few other trends. All of these trends align with cultural and art interests in unique ways, making them an eternal time capsule of this year that we'll always carry with us.

Now, tattoo trends are growing increasingly inclusive. People are finding new ways to be true to themselves while expressing their purest nature. Enter the tattoo trend that merged with the body positivity movement to create something innately beautiful.

'Roll flowers' help people embrace their bodies in new ways

The body positivity movement has been a huge undertaking in recent years. Many around the world are working to help others and themselves feel more comfortable than ever in their skin. Our current global society shames people for being too thin or too large, but this movement works to undo that ideology. This movement is about meeting yourself where you're at and loving yourself for who you are, no matter your physical appearance (via Verywellmind). Every human body deserves love and to be embraced.

This is how and why the "roll flower" tattoo trend was born. According to Allure, this trend is specifically for people with larger bodies and involves flowers being tattooed where their bodies have rolls. The roll's crease then acts as the stem of the flower when the tattoo is placed correctly. Other "roll" tattoos are popular too, including designs of ocean waves and other plants, too. It's a way of embracing one's body and highlighting it, never hiding from it. All bodies are beautiful.

"I have been tattooing professionally for eight years and in that time I noticed that tattoo designs that were made to compliment someone's body were always for thin or muscular body types," Carrie Metz-Caporusso, a Michigan-based tattoo artist, told Allure. "Never have I seen anyone come up with anything particularly for fat bodies."

In a world where fat is too often seen as unattractive, embracing one's fat body in any way, including getting a tattoo that highlights it, is an act of political resistance. You don't need to lose weight or get fit to get a tattoo no matter if you opt for the "roll flower" tattoo or any other design. You can rock it.