Emily In Paris Star Ashley Park Opens Up About Her Groundbreaking New Role

Netflix produces countless series and films across their various genres, and rarely do they gain traction quite like "Emily in Paris," the 2020 comedy series. The untold truth of "Emily in Paris" is that it was created by Darren Star and stars Lily Collins in the titular role alongside Ashley Park and Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu (via IMDb). The first season premiered on the streaming platform in November 2020, while the second season just premiered on December 22, 2021.

Collins' Emily became immediately controversial upon the premiere last year. According to Variety, many of the complaints about the series — and, more specifically, Emily — center on the show's writing. However, the writing hasn't stopped viewers from falling in love with Park and her role as Mindy Chen. She's funny and charming, and she's related to audiences further through social media and press since the show first aired. She's revealed her favorite thing about playing Chen, for example, which makes people love her that much more.

Now, Park has revealed how much her role in the series was expanded for its second season.

Ashley Park adores her friendship with Lily Collins

If you think Mindy Chen looks familiar in "Emily in Paris," you've probably seen or heard her actress, Ashley Park, in "Red Frontier," "Girls5eva," "Tales of the City," or "Nightcap," among many other projects (via IMDb). Now, she's expanding her voice and filmography with an expanded role in Season 2 of Netflix's "Emily in Paris," which premiered on December 22, 2021 on the streaming platform.

According to People, Chen's Season 2 journey begins with her performing BTS' smash single "Dynamite" in the premiere. From there, Park's character really gets to flourish. "[Mindy] definitely has more of a space and voice and screen time this season, and Emily gets to know Mindy better," Park told People. "They're really there for each other as friends, and the audience is getting to know Mindy better too."

"I'm really really excited about it and really grateful for it. I learned so much about myself, as we all did, coming back into this season," Park further explained. She and costar Lily Collins became quick friends while shooting Season 1, and Park continued to gush about how their friendship has been able to grow since. Of Chen in Season 2, Park added, "Mindy and Emily are both very resilient problem-solvers and excited about life. I think she's found [a home] with Emily, not just within the apartment, but someone who sees her and wants to be there for her."

So, are you loving Season 2 of "Emily in Paris" on Netflix?