The Trendy Eye Masks That Are Going Viral On TikTok

The next generation of eye masks are environmentally friendly — and we are here for it. The Forever Eye Masks by skincare brand Dieux Skin were heavily documented on TikTok in 2021 and sold out over and over because of the constant buzz. And it's no wonder they've been so popular, with another year of stress and under-eye bags an almost daily occurrence, we've needed them.

Traditional eye masks are known for minimizing puffiness, hydrating, and nourishing the delicate skin under the eyes, per NBC News. However, the results can vary depending on the formula. With the Forever Eye Masks, you can customize your treatment to target your specific concerns using an eye cream or gel of your choice. You may want to use caffeine for de-puffing, retinol for anti-aging, or hyaluronic acid for hydration. Whatever your needs, there's certainly a product out there you can pair with your Forever Eye Masks — making these a beauty tool for everyone.

But how do these reusable patches actually work? We've done the research on the latest viral beauty trend and figured out not only how to use them, but most importantly, if they work.

The Forever Eye Masks by Dieux Skin

Beauty gurus everywhere have been using the Dieux Skin Forever Eye Masks since they arrived on the scene in 2020. The environmentally conscious Gen Z consumer is especially drawn to the reusable patches. This is no surprise when considering that 73% of Gen Z consumers are willing to pay more for sustainable products, according to a 2020 report by First Insight.

Avoiding the single-use waste of conventional eye masks is easy. Simply apply your favorite serum, gel, or eye cream as usual, and then layer the medical-grade silicone masks over the top. Your skincare soaks in under the sealed patch, concentrating the powerful ingredients to the targeted under-eye area (via The Cut). Afterward, just wash them with soap and water and let them dry before storing them in the adorable little tin.

It's definitely impressive that these innovative eye masks won an Elle 2020 Future of Beauty Award, but the raving user reviews seal the deal. One review says, "These work so well and every time I'm so impressed that even after about 50 uses they are still sticky and stay put." Another user shares their routine and results, "I start every morning with these on for ten or so minutes with a serum underneath, and I can really see a difference. My eyes look way less tired after using these."

Lastly, don't forget to snap a self-care selfie to share your love for yourself and the environment.