Inside Christina Haack's New Nashville Home

There's no stopping Christina Haack. Not only does she have two HGTV shows — one of which she co-stars with her ex-husband Tarek El Moussa on — but she's written a book and even launched her own furniture line. Now, the California-based "Christina on the Coast" designer is setting her sights on another piece of property, and another state, strictly for family time.

The HGTV star has had her life made way more public than she would have liked. Besides working alongside her ex-husband, she and her most recent ex-husband, Ant Anstead, split in 2020. Their marriage lasted just under two years. In an exclusive interview with E! Online, Haack explained that her focus is shifting. "I believe that everyone deserves to have love and find love and I hope it happens to me ... but it would take a really special someone and my goal right now is just to focus on my kids and keeping my private life, as private as it can possibly be."

There's no better way to ensure focus on family time than retreating to a picturesque farmhouse in Tennessee. In an interview with People, Haack explained that she "fell in love with Tennessee" during a visit in October 2020. "Being out there on all that land reminded me of my favorite childhood memories."

Christina Haack found the perfect Nashville vacation home

Those memories were a big factor in deciding to spend more time in Tennessee. Christina Haack wanted her children to have the same great childhood she had. "I love taking the kids to the country restaurants and listening to live music. All the restaurants are so kid-friendly," Haack said of Nashville's family-friendly atmosphere (via People).

But why this house in particular? With how she tells the story, it seems like Haack was meant to have this property. "This insanely beautiful modern farmhouse had been on the market one day," she explained. She put in an offer immediately, which was accepted. American Luxury reports Haack bought the Franklin, Tennessee property — a 5,000 sq. ft. farmhouse and almost 24 acres of land — for $2.5 million.

Already a stunning home, it's easy to see why she fell in love with the Nashville farmhouse. The house itself has 6 bedrooms and 5.5 bathrooms, a pool, wraparound porch, and fireplace. Plus, white, clean, crisp, and modern designs — a favorite of Haack — were already featured inside. High ceilings also show exposed wood beams, adding a rustic flair to the bright, modern space. Barn doors, large tubs, and iron accents are other subtle rustic design details we can't help but wonder if Haack will keep.

The coolest features of Christina Haack's Nashville vacation home

When Christina Haack bought her Nashville home, it was already full of aesthetic choices that were completely on-brand for the California designer. There are also details that feel uniquely Tennessee-meets-California that have us drooling over this property. Not only is there a formal dining room, but it can also be closed off from the rest of the house. Inside the brightly lit room, there is also a wall completely made from exposed brick. What completes this room is the chandelier made from antlers. Paired with white walls and light brick, the light fixture that should scream "hunting lodge" comes off as rustic and cozy instead.

Cool light fixtures are a common theme throughout this house. In the kitchen, a wheel-style chandelier hangs over an island, set between exposed wood beams. The kitchen also has exposed brick and stone contrasted with crisp white walls, which gives the room an almost "Old World" vibe that mixes seamlessly with the notes of rustic and modern that the rest of the kitchen exudes. Similar light fixtures can be found throughout the house, including the foyer and bedrooms.

These outdoor details are what make Christina Haack's new vacation home perfect

Nothing says "southern charm" like a wraparound porch, which is exactly what Christina Haack's new vacation home has. While her LA properties have had almost over-the-top outdoor designs over the years, like the poolside patio at her home with ex-husband Tarek El-Moussa, her Nashville vacation home is completely understated (via Realtor).

Currently, the porch is the most prominent outdoor feature. There is also an inground pool, but with the way Haack was talking about how she thinks she and her family will spend time in Nashville, it may not be the most used part of the property. With almost 24 acres of land, Haack and her kids might be spending more time in the mud than the water. When she was telling People about growing up in the country, she talked about how ​​she "felt so carefree and [she] loved taking out [her grandparents'] quads and hanging with [her] cousins on all the land." Now she'll be able to give her children the opportunity to do the same.