If You're An Aquarius, This Should Be Your 2022 New Year's Resolution

To be an Aquarius is to be a wanderer, and nothing promotes wandering, new ideas, and new goals quite like New Year's Day and the resolutions we write in anticipation of it. Aquarius has a specific self-care routine that keeps them in tip-top shape, and this is largely because they know exactly how to handle themselves. They're more self-aware than some other signs, and among the traits they're aware of is how easily they get bored in life (via The Times of India). As an air sign, they then drift wherever they need to be to live a more exciting life — and one they're proud of.

Because of their potentially stubborn traits, Aquarius must also consider certain careers if they want to properly flourish. They need to work in fields that are both creative and flexible so they can create their own paths within them. This directly ties to Aquarius' New Year's resolutions. After all, Aquarius always needs plenty of time to reflect on life and their objectives for each facet of their life, per The Times of India. For an Aquarius, resolutions are essential each year, and failing to ponder them at a minimum, nonetheless writing them down, can lead to a year of great upset.

These are the resolutions that Aquarians need to make this year.

Aquarius must resolve to stay put in 2022

Being an Aquarius can affect your mental health if you don't lean into the sign's intricacies, including understanding that the sign is all about self-reflection (via The Times of India). A new year is a new start, and Aquarius knows that a new start equals a new gust of wind in their life, meaning it's time for this air sign to take flight, make some life changes, and achieve what they've always wanted to.

According to StyleCaster, 2022 will see Aquarius focusing on the home, including their living arrangements, the design of their home, and the people with whom they are (or aren't) living. This may be a year wherein Aquarius find a way to make their home match their needs rather than drifting to a new location where they believe their needs will be better met. In this way, it will be a year of healing and change for Aquarius as they learn ways to improve their shifting habits and desires. This will also nourish their relationships and prove that not all gales need to be taken; sometimes, it's okay to let winds flow without joining them.

Moreover, PopSugar notes that Aquarius' New Year's resolutions for 2022 should center on reconnecting with friends old and new, too. Because Aquarius has a tendency to drop communications randomly and leave on a whim, their friendships often suffer. This year, as a new year is ushered in, they should resolve to do better in all of their personal relationships. They may just find themselves happier than ever.

Ultimately, Aquarius all need to resolve to not run in 2022. Life will show them how beautiful it can be if maintained in one place.