If You're A Leo, This Should Be Your 2022 New Year's Resolution

With only a mere few days left of 2021, everyone is caught up in that recurring annual purgatory. You know, those days between the end of Christmas and the beginning of the New Year where it's a miracle if you even remember what day it is. This window to wind down and recuperate from the busy holiday season is somewhat of a nesting period preparing for the year to come. Everyone has had their own fair share of ups and downs in 2021. Now it's time to focus on hopefulness and plan for the year you want to have (via Reader's Digest). 

The close of every year brings with it a time to reflect on what you want to manifest for the next year and what building blocks you want to work on to make sure you're where you want to be a year from now. So, while you take the time to jot down some resolutions or build a vision board, why not rely on your zodiac sign to guide you? 

Leos should focus on their career and friendships

You find yourself checking your horoscopes throughout the year. Whether a weekly check-in or just randomly looking it up when you have a big event ahead. But, why do we never take our zodiac sign into consideration when it comes to our New Year's resolutions? Why not let the stars guide you there as well.

Leos (July 23- August 22) are all about fiery passion, charisma, and basically being the center of attention. These are all great qualities, but use your 2022 New Year's resolutions to pay closer attention to them and question them. Question whether your career is something you're passionate about or if you should pursue another path that fuels your fire (via StyleCaster). 

Your charisma is a gift — it's why you manage to make such great friends and find your tribe wherever you are. But, sometimes your charisma can feel taken advantage of. Focus on your friendships, and make sure you're getting back what you give (via Shape). You can't keep pouring from an empty cup. 

Having the spotlight on you is par for the course with Leos – you are ruled by the sun after all. So much time spent shining can stop you from taking a moment to really appreciate how far you've come, so use 2022 to practice gratitude and bask in how blessed you are (via Popsugar).