How Bridgerton Impacted 2021 Shopping Trends

Whether you watched it or not, "Bridgerton" was everywhere in 2021. Not only was the storyline played out on screen and in bookstores, but the fashion world got a taste of the show as well. Even if you weren't a fan of the show, there's a good chance you've been a part of "Bridgerton" fashion trends. Because, believe it or not, items like that pendant necklace that you had on your shopping list this year were directly influenced by the Netflix series.

Although "Bridgerton" technically came out in December 2020, it didn't really take over until 2021 (via IMDb). At the beginning of the year, it seemed like everyone had something to say about the characters, storyline, and, of course, the costuming. "Bridgerton" didn't just infiltrate your everyday style in 2021, though, it influenced the entire fashion industry. According to Telegraph UK, the Netflix show led this year's trends with "regencycore" in puffed sleeves, pearls, and bold patterns. 

It doesn't just stop there, here are all the ways that "Bridgerton" impacted the fashion industry this year. 

Puff sleeves were everywhere

No matter where you were shopping in 2021, there's a good chance you saw a whole lot of puffy sleeved options. From sweaters and t-shirts to dresses and high fashion looks, this "Bridgerton" trend was everywhere (via RUSSH). The puffy sleeve trend is both romantic and feminine — the exact vibes that the Netflix show gave off.

As Who What Wear points out, there really is no wrong way to wear a puffy look either. Whether you're adding oversized puffs to your classic white button-up shirt or going for an extravagant sleeved dress like the viral Selkie dress, you can't go wrong (via Fashionista). Heck, with puffy sleeves, you can even add all the prints you'd like or keep it simple with a solid color. Not to mention, this trend also came at every single price point. 

With cottagecore (thanks, Taylor Swift) meeting regencycore, it only made sense that the whimsical, easy look took over in 2021. Country & Town House points out that, even a year later, the trend is still going strong. In fact, it's likely not going anywhere in the new year, especially with "Bridgerton" Season 2 coming in March 2022. 

Dainty hair accessories came back into fashion

Can we just take a collective moment to thank "Bridgerton" for bringing back hair accessories? This could be the most fun trend of the entire series. Yes, the dresses and colors are great, but as E! Online points out, the decorative hair accessories were absolutely stunning as well. From feathered headpieces to ribbons tied throughout their hair, the characters on the show proved that the devil is in the details.

Regencycore brought back some seriously gorgeous hair accessories into the mix for the year. We're talking pearl headbands, oversized bows, and velvet headbands. The best part is that you can totally dress the trend up your way. Whether you're pairing your pearl headband with leather leggings or getting super dainty by tying your hair up with ribbons, you really can't go wrong with embracing this trend.

Fingers crossed that it even carries into 2022, because these accessories really are everything. 

The return of the modern corset

Of all the trends that have come from "Bridgerton," corsets are by far the biggest. While the Netflix series only showed corsets as an undergarment, the fashion world decided that they could take that trend and run with it. Everyone from Kim Kardashian to Bella Hadid wore corsets this year, and they looked absolutely gorgeous doing it (via Hollywood Life). Who could forget Kourtney Kardashian wearing a corset dress on a dinner date with Travis Barker in October? As the "queen of corsets," according to InStyle, Kourtney definitely was someone who embraced this "Bridgerton"-inspired trend.

According to Harper's Bazaar, even searches for corsets were up 1,000 percent after "Bridgerton" came out. That is quite the trend uptick, my friend. Places like Forever 21 sold corset tops while Etsy had custom made corsets on sale. No matter how you wore yours, it was on point to wear something corseted in 2021. You have "Bridgerton" to thank for that, whether you were a fan of the show or not.

Bridgerton Blue was a must-have color

If there was one color to completely sum up the entire show of "Bridgerton," it would be light blue. As StyleCaster points out, the color could even be lovingly referred to as "Bridgerton Blue." The pale blue, worn by Daphne multiple times during the show, was most prominent in her iconic blue ballgowns.

Of course, each character got their own color scheme in the show, according to Lainey Gossip. In fact, the publication points out that while Daphne's color is blue and the Duke's is red, Daphne starts to wear purple after their wedding. That's true attention to sartorial detail.

The "Bridgerton Blue" color wasn't created for the show, though. According to Southern Living, the specific shade of blue used in the drama is actually called Wedgewood Blue and is synonymous with the color on fine China of the era. No matter what you call it, it has definitely been a must-have color in 2021.

Nap dresses were a must-have

Two words — nap dresses. Yes, the world was taking a lot of naps as they went into year two of the pandemic, but nap dresses are so much more than that. Basically, these dresses are known to have a super relaxed fit and feel effortless. Almost all of the trendy nap dresses of 2021 feature capped sleeves as well and, thanks to "Bridgerton," donned floral patterns. People wore these dresses everywhere, even if it meant just sitting around the house.

"Where I really saw the 'Bridgerton' effect was on social media," Nell Diamond, CEO of Hill House Home tells Entrepreneur. "I saw people at home fully doing a dress-up with our product, and that made me so happy. We have this one dress called the Caroline, and it has a high neck and is very 'Bridgerton.' We saw people wearing a headband and the Caroline with a cup of tea in front of their TV just having a night. And I'm like 'Yes, you deserve it. What a year. Do that.'"

It's safe to say that we all owe "Bridgerton" a big thank you for all the fashion this year. Fingers crossed it brings even more trends with Season 2.