Revlon Mascara Ranked Worst To Best

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We all have go-to brands for just about everything under the sun. You might absolutely love Bath & Body Works' warm, slightly spicy candles for wintertime, always stop by Trader Joe's for summertime snacks, and wouldn't think of straying from your Essie nail polish. And although you might hate to admit how much you like them, you always reach for your Lululemon leggings when it's time to work out, and Secret deodorant is your best buddy from cardio, to weight lifting, to yoga. Of course, when it comes to makeup, we're sure you have your all-time favorites, and that list probably includes the cult-classic drugstore brand Revlon.

Revlon never goes out of style, offering cost-effective, functional, fun makeup that is embraced from generation to generation. While their staple ColorStay Foundation is a product used by teenagers, grandmothers, and professional makeup artists alike, their Super Lustrous Lipstick in Black Cherry is loved by celebrities and beauty experts worldwide, per New York Magazine. Established back in 1932, there's no doubt the brand has earned its place as one of the top leaders in beauty, bringing functional products you know will be good. When it comes to mascara, Revlon knows how to bring it –- the brand's colorful tubes are synonymous with fluffy brushes, super-smooth formulations, and va-va-volume. While they're all great, there are a few that are way better than the rest. Ahead, find our definitive ranking for Revlon mascaras from worst to absolutely amazing.

9. Revlon Mega Multiplier Mascara

As promised, we'll start with the worst. Revlon's Mega Multiplier Mascara ($8.99) is the weakest link out of the bunch, with a thin wand that won't do much for adding length or fullness. While the brand says this mascara is all about "mega thick, mega long" lashes, creating tube structures that wrap around each lash like a falsie, that's not necessarily the case. Sure, we're intrigued by the supposed "oversized lash look," but reviewers assure us this product isn't so amazing.

Although this mascara promises a false lashes-style look, one Amazon reviewer says that this is "no longer a tubing mascara" as it once was, changing its formulation to a "regular, non-waterproof" option that slips down the undereye area. Others agree that this "disappointing" mascara changed for the worse, with one reviewer saying that this is now "a very wet formula" that leads to tons of "smudging" and "globs" around the upper and under eye area. Even making their eyes go "bloodshot," other buyers also noted some irritation. But it's not all bad: One reviewer says this is a "decent, affordable mascara," and another says that while the formula has changed, they're still a "fan" of it and love that it doesn't flake much. The reviews on Revlon's website are a bit better, saying that this "amazing" product is their "new go-to" that comes off quickly with just warm water. Still, it's important to note this is not the mascara to wear for pool days!

8. Revlon Super Length Mascara

Next up is a product that's a little bit better but still has some significant issues: Revlon's Super Length Mascara ($8.99). This mascara is all about extending lashes to never-before-seen places. While that sounds well and good, and the brush is noticeably fluffier, several reviewers have uncovered problems that seriously turn them off from this mascara. While it promises an "ultra-smooth" application and doe-eyed "wispy," "unbelievably long" lashes for Audrey Hepburn vibes, that may not be the case.

At just around 4-stars on Amazon with a few hundred reviews, this option pales in comparison to other mascaras on the site. While there are a few pluses, mainly the thick "lash stretch" brush and the option to go waterproof, reviewers are iffy about just how effective this product is –- at least for daily use. This mascara promises to coat even tiny corner lashes with its angular brush, bringing "plush length" in a shade range from dark brown to blackest-black. Still, one Amazon reviewer says this is "not conducive to creating super length lashes," and has a "dry" formulation that "requires several coats." Meanwhile, another says this leaves their "eyelashes clumpy" and the brush isn't the best at combing through lashes and separating them. Countless reviewers report smudging under the eyes by the end of a workday, even in non-humid climates. Dubbed a total "smudgefest" that gives raccoon eyes, most reviewers say this is "just okay" for the price.

7. Revlon Ultimate All-in-One Mascara

Unbelievably enough, Revlon's Ultimate All-in-One Mascara ($8.99) is a six-in-one mascara that promises to deliver just about every eyelash wish in existence. This mascara's new formula supposedly goes the extra mile, injecting lashes with "major volume," separation, lift, darkened color, length, and even some deep conditioning. However, while many reviewers agree this is the perfect formula for "lusher" lashes, it's not all rainbows and butterflies.

The Amazon reviews for this mascara show a slight improvement at 4.5 stars with hundreds of ratings, loving both the brown and black shades, and the option to stick to waterproof. While it's no secret that we love a thick mascara wand, and even though this brush is as tiny as can be, reviewers still applaud it for its true "high impact" benefits. Coined a "Mini Powder Brush," the shape is tailor-made to lengthen even the shortest individual lashes, with a hole in the center that holds onto dollops of the formula. Reviewers write about being surprised at the "no flaking" since the silicone brush has no bristles. Another says this is their "new favorite mascara" that never bleeds, while still coming off easily with makeup remover. Others say this is the mascara to buy if you want thick lashes that look like falsies and is a go-to product for a separated, maximum-length look. Still, the reviews on Revlon's website are a bit worse, saying it "ends up clumpy" once the night is over.

6. Revlon Volume + Length Magnified Mascara

If you want something impossibly-glossy and high-shine, you can always try Revlon's Volume + Length Magnified Mascara ($8.99). A "transformative" product that takes eyelashes from drab to fab with just a few swipes, this brings volume and length, promising "full, feathery" lashes that are akin to any Hollywood red carpet appearance. With a waterproof option, this fiber formula coats each lash and has a square brush to hold the proper amount of mascara while lengthening lashes from the root.

Yes, this mascara is good, and most reviewers agree it does exactly what it says it will. At 4.3 stars with more than 2,000 reviews on Amazon, one reviewer explains it is their "favorite" for "years now," citing its unbeatable "combination of brush design and mascara formula" that offers "length and depth like no other." Washing it off is a breeze with just soap and water (unless you go waterproof), meaning it's gentle, too. While some reviewers warn you should only apply it while wet, since applying a coat over dry mascara will create tons of flakes, most agree this is a "nice" product for the price. Another reviewer goes so far as to say it "doesn't flake, it doesn't clump, and it doesn't dry out my lashes, ever. It goes on smoothly the first time, every time. The tube lasts forever. It's truly one of the best mascaras I have ever used." Yes, this might just kick your $20-plus formula to the curb.

5. Revlon So Fierce! Big Bad Lash Mascara

Revlon's So Fierce! Big Bad Lash Mascara ($9.49) is a luxe product in drugstore makeup form. This mascara brings it, and is described as the brand's "biggest, baddest" option yet. If you want magnified volume that creates fluttery lashes you can see from a mile away, you need this product. Even cooler? It injects lashes with a special lash tint that makes them naturally darker after just seven days, so you look ah-mazing even when not wearing mascara. Lash lift, who? This formula promises no smudging and maximum fullness, but does it deliver?

Rounding out at almost 2,000 reviews with 4.3 stars on the Revlon website, it's safe to say this is becoming one of the brand's most popular mascaras. One reviewer writes that the "duality" of the two-sided wand is amazing, using one side for fullness and the other for length. Another says this is their new "go-to" since it makes "lashes look long, lifted, voluminous, yet very natural and soft" with just a couple of swipes. Some reviewers were shocked at the price versus quality, saying it is "very pigmented and long lasting," akin to expensive formulas like It Cosmetics' Superhero Mascara. Buyers can't get enough of the thick, fluffy wand, saying it "hugs the eyes and gives them a thicker, bolder appearance." As per Amazon reviewers, it "actually makes lashes look longer and thicker," adding long-lasting volume and a dose of lash moisture with no flakes.

4. Revlon Ultra Volume Mascara

Now, on to a lesser-known mascara that has a surprising amount of positive Amazon reviews. With a 4.4 star rating, Revlon's Ultra Volume Mascara ($5.94) is a cult classic for a reason. Grab this formula in blackest-black and go waterproof if desired, and apply it to create fluffy, Bambi-like lashes. As the name suggests, this mascara is all about tons of thick volume, sporting a "lash plumping brush" with grooves to deliver a hefty amount of formula to each lash. Plus, the wand's bristles are different lengths to comb out and separate eyelashes, meaning this mascara will give you va-va-voom appeal with none of the clumps.

So how does this mascara hold up in the reviews? As per its Amazon ratings, this formula is perfect to create "full eyelashes," bring out "some length," and has reviewers vowing they will "never go to a different mascara." Another reviewer says this is a "great buy for the price," and although it may appear chalky in the bottle, it goes on buttery smooth. This is the one to go for if you want "eyelashes for days," since one buyer says they "don't have noticeable eyelashes," but this mascara makes it look like they do with just a quick application. Some even say they believe they've finally found the mascara they've been searching for all their lives. All in all, many reviewers say this is one of the "best on the market."

3. Revlon Volumazing Mascara

Remember our love for fluffy mascara wands that elongate lashes from root to tip with tons of volume? That's where Revlon's Volumazing Mascara ($8.99) really hits the mark. It sets itself apart from competitors with its thick, feathery "Turn It Up brush" that leads to "major volume" and eyelashes that would make Snuffleupagus from Sesame Street blush (yeah, lash goals). As per the brand, this wand has signature waves that hold onto individual lashes, coating them to perfection. Use this mascara to achieve 100% volumized lashes that stay separated and never clump, fluttering out at the sides as falsies do. According to Revlon, this won't run down the undereye area, and studies show that 92% of users reported more volume and length. So what do the reviews say?

Surprisingly enough, the reviews for this mascara are generally just as good as its promises, with almost 1,000 4.5-average ratings saying it has a "good brush," and stays on "through sweat and activity without flaking or running." Delivering a "plumping" effect to each lash, buyers say it is not clumpy, has a "nice, deep black color," and even makes "stubby, sparse lashes" look long and thick. Some reviewers comment on how gorgeous the metallic purple tube looks in their makeup bag, and how they've switched out their more expensive "holy grail" mascaras for this one. As per the ratings, just a couple of swipes are enough when using this mascara, so it will last you several months.

2. Revlon Dramatic Definition Mascara

Another relatively-unknown mascara you would never expect to be that good is Revlon's Dramatic Definition Mascara ($5.60), a formula that ranges from blackened-brown to blackest-black and includes waterproof options. So what sets this one apart? Namely, its innovative Lash Separator brush, which manages to be impossibly fluffy while combing through each lash and fanning them out. Its tiered bristles grab onto your eyelashes as you swipe-on the formula, lifting and defining as it delivers volume. While even celebs like Kim Kardashian use a lash separator brush after swiping on mascara, per Vogue, this mascara is a one-and-done product that accomplishes it all with one application.

With a unique brush and a creamy formula that never feels dry, it's no surprise that this mascara has a solid 4.5 stars on Amazon. According to one reviewer, this is a "waterproof lengthening mascara that doesn't smudge or flake," defining and lengthening every lash while still washing off easily without any rubbing. Another jumps for joy at how fluttery her lashes look at the sides, earning her compliments on how large her eyes are whenever she leaves the house. One devotee says they've used this formula "for years" and plan on using it for the rest of their life, while another says the "matte finish" gives "high end" vibes, and keeps eyelashes curled and volumized all day. As per reviews, this does not smudge even after a long day, and still manages to easily wash off with soap and water.

1. Revlon So Fierce! Mascara

And last, we've arrived at the best mascara from the brand's lineup: Revlon's So Fierce! Mascara ($8.99), which is an eye-makeup powerhouse. This will inject lashes with "over the top" length and volume because why settle for just one? This extends lashes past the point of no return while still defining them and keeping the entire situation free of telltale clumps. Incredibly enough, this mascara's wand features a whopping 252 textured bristles (yes, we're amazed, too) that hold onto lashes and take them to the next level (via Revlon). Your lashes will get an actual proper coat of mascara starting at the roots, creating multi-dimensional volume. Even better, it lasts up to 24 hours, so you can feel free partying with this on, and even injects eyelashes with moisturizing rice-bran wax, polymers, and paraffin.

The reviews for this mascara on Revlon's website are unbeatable at 4.6 stars with more than 4,500 ratings, describing the product as "easy to apply," with "dramatic" results and absolutely no irritation. One reviewer says it looks like they're wearing "false lashes" after swiping this on and love how "full and long" they look with zero "clumpage." Dubbed "the best mascara" Revlon has released in a "long time," buyers say the brush is jaw-droppingly effective and makes for a "very natural" look that is still lengthening and volumizing. Other reviewers comment on the effective two-sided brush for fanning out lashes and lifting in equal proportions, with "minimal run-off" even after long nights.