The Best Workout YouTubers For A Great At-Home Workout

While at-home workouts existed before the pandemic, they certainly surged during this time. And based on a recent study from South West News Service, they are here to stay. In fact, 78% of people who were polled think that they have more access to exercise than before, and this is largely due to online programs and trainers, such as the ones found on YouTube.

The study found that 72% of people think gyms are sort of a thing of the past, and almost 50% have opted to try out new workouts at home. Some other benefits include not feeling judged, the freedom to work out at any point during the day, and not having to drive to an actual gym.

If you are part of this movement or thinking about upping your fitness routine, consider the YouTubers below. They focus on an array of movements, all vary in lengths, and can all be done at your house!

Calisthenics pro Chris Heria's channel has quick yet challenging videos that require little-to-no equipment

First up is ThenX, which features workouts from Chris Heria and which is a widely popular mention on Reddit. This channel has been around since 2013, and it has just over 7 million subscribers. As you can see from the titles of the videos — such as Complete Home Leg Workout, 10 Min Fat Burning Workout | No Equipment, 20 Best Exercises You Can Do From Home, and Home Workout For Beginners — there are a variety of workouts that can all be done from the comfort of your living room.

There are videos that incorporate dumbbells, and many people have a set of these at home ... especially now, as the popularity in them created a shortage, as reported by Vox. For instance, this calisthenics pro's 7-minute morning routine, which was recently shared by Men's Health, consists of diamond cutter pushups, handstand pushups, dumbbell thrusters, pistol squats, bent-over row deadlifts, and burpees.

Yoga With Adriene is 'The Reigning Queen of Pandemic Yoga'

When searching through lists of the best at-home workout channels (via Paste Magazine), you are always going to see Yoga With Adriene listed. A big part of her success is the fact that she offers free yoga videos that one and all can do anywhere and everywhere, whether you are a beginner or an expert. Since 2012, she has gained more than 10 million YouTube subscribers — a number that quickly increased over the past year.

The stress of the pandemic, the election, and life in general had more people than usual turning to this soothing practice, per Pacific San Diego, since it can connect the body and mind, lead to relaxation, and distract you from stressors (via Psych Central). And many people, in particular, were turning to Adriene. She's not "The Reigning Queen of Pandemic Yoga" for nothing (via the New York Times).

Chloe Ting's ab challenges were particularly popular during the pandemic

Another YouTube fitness star that is often talked about (in publications like Good Housekeeping) is Chloe Ting. The 22.6 million people that subscribe to her channel get free workout programs and schedules, and since 2011, videos such as 10 Min Arms & Upper Body Workout — Home Workout with Dumbbells, Full Body HIIT Workout to get Shredded | No Equipment, and Full Body Workout | No Equipment At Home & Effective have been uploaded, allowing for even more exercising at home.

According to Verywell Health, her 2-week ab challenges went viral during the pandemic. As the months during lockdown went by, people started sharing before and after photos of themselves, saying they had stronger abdominal muscles (via The Daily Mail). These results contributed to Ting's free programs, which provided effective workouts all from home during the Covid-19 pandemic.

BullyJuice offers short and effective workouts

When you search through the most-viewed YouTube downloads for at-home workouts, you will see BullyJuice, a channel with 1.37 million subscribers that has been up and running since 2015. Some recent videos on this channel include a 15-minute upper body workout, a 5-minute squat workout, and a 10-minute leg workout. All of these are also done without any gear, making them ideal for those with home gyms and no gym memberships. Don't let the short times fool you, though — these are intense workouts!

In addition to the popularity and variety, there is an added bonus to this channel, per Portland Monthly. Some virtual trainers can spend all their time talking, when really, people just want to view and copy the moves. BullyJuice — whose real name is actually Darryl Williams, according to his Instagram account — gives viewers a thumbs up, without saying a word, and then continues on to the next movement.