Law & Order Guest Stars You Totally Forgot About

Celebrity guest spots and cameos in popular television shows or movies are a lot of fun. Dating back to when Alfred Hitchcock would make a split-second appearance in all of his films, to the latest movie by Paul Thomas Anderson, "Licorice Pizza," which sees a slew of celebrities with bit parts popping in and out throughout the film (via Screen Rant).

When it comes to guest roles on TV, no one does it better than "Law & Order" with an emphasis on the spin-off series "Law & Order: SVU." According to CafeMom, at least 41 celebrities have stopped in for an episode or two throughout the show's time on air.

Plus, these guest stars were not random celebrities from other "Law & Order" spin-offs or series also produced by Dick Wolf. Some of the guest stars that have come onto the "SVU" set over the years have been big stars! Here are some of those guest stars you may have forgotten appeared on an episode of "SVU."

A comedy legend had a guest spot on the show

When you think of "Law & Order: SVU," comedy legend Carol Burnett is likely not someone who would come to mind. However, you may have forgotten that the comedian appeared on an episode of the show during the 10th season of "SVU" (via Wolf Entertainment).

Burnett is best known for being the mastermind behind her own variety show, "The Carol Burnett Show." It was a revolutionary sketch comedy show that ran for 11 years (per the Television Academy Foundation). She and her cast of characters would often have fans dying of laughter with their ad-libbed movie parodies or original character sketches. The show was wildly successful and revolutionary for women in comedy.

With a background like Burnett's, it's hard to imagine her on "Law & Order: SVU," especially in a criminal role! However, during episode 16 of Season 10, Burnett's dancer character was arrested on the show for her involvement in a triple homicide!

This respected actress loved her role as a murderer

Viola Davis is one of the most respected actresses in Hollywood. From roles in films like "The Help" and "Fences," to her incredible performance in the series "How To Get Away With Murder," Davis has revolutionized what it means to be a leading actress (via News 24).

It may surprise you to hear that not only was Davis a recurring guest star throughout the years on "Law & Order: SVU," but it was one of her favorite roles she's ever played (via Cracked). For an actress that is so well-loved and respected both on and off-screen, her opinion of her character on the show is unexpected.

Davis played a murderer named Terry Randolph, a corrupted retired cop who dealt drugs and killed an entire family. On her character Terry, Davis shared, "I appreciated killing a whole family with a baseball bat."

Davis' role was so well-loved by the actress herself and audiences alike that she would be brought back as a guest star throughout the show's following seasons.

This guest star served time behind bars

Martha Stewart is a jack of all trades. She was an innovator, making a fortune out of home design and lifestyle before bloggers were covering the topic (per Britannica). She turned her lifestyle advice into a booming brand that includes her own line at stores like Macy's and Walmart.

Once someone many idolized, she had a controversy that changed some of her fan's perspectives of her. In 2004, she was arrested for obstruction of justice in a scandal that occurred within her company. She served five months in jail before her release. She quickly bounced back into the entertainment industry, landing her own show that ran from 2005-2012.

In 2012, she made an appearance on "SVU" (via the Huffington Post). Though she had personal experience with criminal justice, her character was rather innocent. She played the head of a private school where she came to the defense of a teacher who was accused of a crime.

Stewart loved her role on the show, telling the Huffington Post, "This is my first time on 'Law & Order,'" Stewart shared. "They called and I accepted. I've been a big fan of Dick Wolf and the entire 'Law & Order' series ever since he started it. Dick's actually a friend."