One Chicago Stars You Didn't Know Dated In Real Life

The One Chicago universe is a veritable hot bed for romance. Along with high intensity moments, the characters often find themselves romantically connected with Chicago residents both within and without their own shows. With so many steamy moments on the shows, it's little surprise that things take a turn for the romantic off-stage as well. Let's take a look at which One Chicago actors have dated in real life. 

Sophia Bush, "Chicago P.D." and "One Tree Hill" alum, has experienced her fair share of romance with costars. Speaking on Michael Rosenbaum's "Inside of You" podcast, she shared that romance within casts is more common than you might think. "You realize that everyone you've ever met in this business has, like, dated everyone else," she said, per Us Weekly. "When you spend 100 hours a week on set and you don't even get home for eight hours to sleep, like, yeah, I'm not surprised that every 20-year-old on a set has dated every other 20-year-old on a set." She added, "We act like it's not common and it's wildly common. Some of our favorite celebrity couples are people who married the fourth costar they dated."

With so many young, attractive people working in one place, Bush's comments may not be all that off. 

One Chicago actors who have dated

As previously stated, "Chicago P.D." star Sophia Bush found love on set. She and costar Jesse Lee Soffer dated from 2014 to 2016, coincidentally while their characters were also involved, per Hello!. They kept the real-life romance pretty quiet, but a source close to the couple told E! News that it was a good match. "They've [Sophia and Jesse] been secretly dating for over three months, but only their close friends knew," the source said at the time. "Jesse is super-sweet and they are really cute together." After they eventually broke up, reports stated that the two simply "grew apart." 

After dating Bush, Soffer went on to date another One Chicago actress: Torrey DeVitto, who he reportedly dated for about 8 months before splitting up, per Celebrity Insider. While the relationship didn't last, the two seem to have enjoyed their time together. "It's great, we felt like we were out in the open. It's really great. Everything's going so well. I'm really happy, [the] happiest I've ever been," DeVitto told Us Weekly at the time. She added that the couple would "watch a really good show and just be at home. I think that's what's really great — we're both equal parts homebodies."

Of course, rumors of other off-set relationships have circulated without being validated. Rumors circulated that Soffer was also involved with "Chicago P.D." co-star Tracy Spiridakos, but Distractify debunked the rumors. But there is certainly plenty of actual romance going on around One Chicago.