Easy Hairstyles To Hide Greasy Hair

The question of how often to wash your hair has been at the center of the haircare debate for years. Under-washing, over-washing — it's a lot to try to figure out, especially when hair care is dependent on what type of hair you have. Is there such thing as over-washing your hair? It depends.

You shouldn't have to be washing your hair more than once a day, but cleaning your hair isn't the biggest, or only, threat to hair health. Harper's Bazaar spoke with Pantene, who said "[t]he biggest risk to hair health is what happens to your hair while wet and the styling that is done after each wash." Basically, the more heat your hair is exposed to, the more chance for damage. Not washing your hair enough, trichologist Anabel Kingsley explained to Harper's Bazaar, allows "excess oils, dirt pollution, and dead skin cells" to build up.

No matter where you fall on the how-often-to-wash-your-hair debate, sometimes you just don't want to wash your hair. So whether it's a day you're skipping a shampoo, or you just don't feel like washing your hair, you're going to need some easy hairstyles to help hide greasy roots.

Braids help hide greasy hair

Hairstyles to hide greasy hair are easier to copy than you might think. Long hair or short, accessories are a great place to start. Bustle recommends throwing on a headband to give the allusion you really put effort into getting ready. If you want to take accessorizing a step further, and you have the hair length to do it, try pulling your hair back into a low ponytail or braid. Hairstylist Justine Marjan told Harper's Bazaar that hiding oily roots is as easy as "spritzing the front-facing hair with dry shampoo and braiding small sections around the crown."

Braids are a really great, easy way to hide greasy hair. You can either leave them long and sleek or pull them back into a bun. Not only does having your hair pulled back help smooth out what can sometimes look like stringy or dirty hair, but wrapping your braid into a bun allows you to control volume. To get the look, stylist Kristin Ess told Harper's Bazaar you just need to "[b]raid the length of your hair starting at the nape of the neck and wind [it] clockwise into a bun, tucking the bottom of the braid into the center of the bun." As a finishing touch, Ess recommends pulling on different sections of the braid to fluff and add volume. Within minutes you have a meeting-ready hairstyle that will hide any evidence that you're trying to stretch this latest shampoo out as long as possible.