Wedding Trends You're Going To See Everywhere In 2022

Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit, weddings look more different than they ever have before. Not only has the pandemic had an impact on scheduling events, but it has also shaped the way we celebrate weddings. So far, 2022 is supposed to see 2.6 million weddings, according to The Knot. This number is due to couples still rescheduling receptions from 2020, plus new couples trying to snag their own dates.

Combined with flower shortages, supply chain issues, and changing mask, gathering, and vaccination mandates, couples are shifting not only what they want their wedding to look like but how they want to spend that time with their guests. Experts are predicting 2022 will be less about the extras like huge guest lists and expensive favors and more about the experience (via Vogue).

However, just because COVID-19 is still here doesn't mean people aren't going all out — it just means what we think of as "all-out" has changed. Now that we're a few years into the pandemic, we're starting to see fresh ways of doing COVID-era weddings. These are some of the trends you're going to see everywhere at weddings in 2022.

The types of wedding flowers we'll see in 2022

Floral arrangements for weddings in 2021 were lush and romantic, with sprawling tablescapes and roses everywhere. While the neutral color palette will carry over into 2022, Shannon Levy tells Martha Stewart this year, wedding flowers will be "smaller, grouped collections of blooms in similar hues."

Expect dried flowers to be everywhere, too. Not only are they environmentally friendly and often reusable, but dried flowers add a unique texture to floral designs, per Florists' Review. Even pressed flowers will be seen more in 2022 as details on wedding cakes, escort cards, and table numbers. Many brides are also opting to get their bouquets pressed and framed as a way to preserve their special day.

This is going to be 2022's most popular wedding color palette

Neutrals are being repurposed for weddings in 2022, so expect them to be everywhere. Event planners and other wedding experts are seeing shifts away from the bright whites of 2021 to warm blushes and soft mauves. Many of the colors brides are choosing to go with are soft greens and variations of reds.

According to Colors For Wedding, sea and sage green combined with blushes and grays are trending for spring and summer weddings. However, 2022 weddings are throwing in their own color twist, so get ready for pops of bright color that's going to add life to a soft palette (via Martha Stewart).

These traditions are gone for weddings in 2022

From electronic invitations to tossing traditions, wedding etiquette is getting a major overhaul for 2022. With COVID-19 still affecting daily life, wedding rules like sending paper invitations through the mail have fallen by the wayside (via Insider). Sustainability is another major 2022 wedding trend, which is why couples are choosing to go paper-free. Budgeting is another reason favors for guests are fading out as well. Overall, what couples are prioritizing spending money on is changing.

Also, traditions like wedding bouquets and garter tosses aren't happening as much, either. Instead, couples are choosing a more casual, intimate experience with their guests (via Martha Stewart). Not stopping the night for these activities lets things flow more organically, providing a better experience.

Don't be surprised if you're invited to a weekday wedding in 2022

Just like in 2021, weekend availability for wedding events is at a minimum. New couples are entering an already crowded marketplace, with people still trying to reschedule their wedding events from 2020 and 2021. "Date availability is slimmer than ever for couples planning their 2022 weddings," Bri Marbais, bridal stylist at The Bridal Finery in Winter Park, Florida, told Southern Living. "Many venues and hotels are completely depleted of weekend dates for the upcoming year."

Weekday weddings might help couples keep guest lists down — another 2021 wedding trend that's carrying over. As COVID-19 mask, gather, and vaccination guidelines continue to change, planning for smaller events are more intimate and personal. Not to mention, they're also way more budget-friendly.

Sustainability is going to be a big 2022 wedding trend

Spending isn't the only thing couples are trying to cut down for their wedding day. Waste is another major concern (via Insider). Normally, traditional details of wedding planning, including paper products like invitations, are being set aside for waste-free options. This means electronic wedding invitations, rented wedding dresses, fewer floral arrangements, and upcycled wedding details.

Rishi Patel of HMR Designs says his clients "are investing more in unique linens, china, glassware, and flatware" than the massive floral tablescapes of 2021 (via Martha Stewart). The best place to find these things, especially if it's just for one night are thrift stores. Patel adds that, to him, this is a more "elegant way of hosting".