Wedding Trends That Are Taking Over In 2021

Over the last year, many couples have had to make the difficult decision to postpone their weddings or adapt plans to fall in line with coronavirus restrictions. Hitched reports that the wedding trends of 2021 are absolutely going to be influenced by how life changed in 2020 and some of them are seriously touching.


Big and elaborate ceremonies have always been preferred by some. However, the tide may be changing. "Whatever happens with Covid-19, we believe the micro wedding is here to stay. People have realized the benefits of a smaller wedding – from keeping your guest list really intimate to be able to splurge on things you wouldn't have been able to when hosting a larger gathering. Brides are also loving the fact that they can be more adventurous and daring when it comes to their outfits," Jess Kaye, co-founder of The OWN Studio, told Elle UK, "While people were initially forced into the micro wedding format at the start of all this, we're now seeing some couples voluntarily opt into it – with some even bringing their wedding forwards from 2022 to 2021."


From mini cakes to acts of thanks and gratitude, here are some of the hottest wedding trends to look out for in 2021.

Weekday weddings are big in 2021

You might think of weddings as a weekend affair, but The Knot highlights that there's been a growing trend in recent years to have your wedding on a day other than a Saturday. According to a study conducted by the outlet, weddings outside of Saturdays already accounted for one in three nuptials and it's a trend that will certainly rise in 2021.


Brides magazine notes that there are lots of hidden benefits to getting married during the week. Often venues will have more availability and will be cheaper on days other than Saturday. You may also be able to hire more of your favorite vendors.

"I've had couples save over tens of thousands of dollars moving from a Saturday to a Monday wedding as minimums shift and more negotiations are made possible for weekday celebrations," Houston-based planner Darryl Wilson of D'Concierge Events told the outlet.

Acts of gratitude are making 2021 weddings even more special

Ultimately, weddings are a day to signify your love for your partner. However, Hitched explains that it can also be a really nice opportunity to show your nearest and dearest how much you appreciate them. Last year was difficult, but The Knot predicts that in 2021 people will want to use their special day to celebrate their guests.


One way you could do this is with custom decorations, tablecloths, place names, personal notes, and gifts and hampers. Practical gifts go a long way, too. Hitched said that hiring a babysitter or entertainment to give your guests a night off or baking personalized biscuits will be a nice touch that people may consider more in 2021.

"The wedding industry has undergone big changes in the past 10 years, and over-the-top weddings may not be the norm for much longer," wedding planner and florist Amy McCord Jones told Insider. "I believe couples in 2021 will take a more simplified approach to their weddings." Intimate and personal.

Make everything mini in 2021

Throughout 2020, it was no longer possible to share plates of food with people outside of your home. While this was a big change, experts have suggested to Insider that making key aspects of your wedding mini and personalized may be the way forward. The publication writes that couples are moving away from traditional buffet-style hosting in favor of food vans, individual plates, and more individualized dining.


"I'm also seeing couples hold a simple cake and champagne reception in lieu of a full buffet dinner at their wedding reception," wedding planner Amy McCord Jones told the outlet. 

Weddings cakes are also seeing a big change in 2021. Brides magazine explained that one way that couples have adapted their wedding cake so everyone can enjoy them is by opting for lots of single-tier, mini cakes, rather than one big, multiple-layered cake. The publication writes that the individual cakes can be served throughout the night as a treat or be sent home with guests as a reminder of the day.

Yellow gold is back to stay at 2021 weddings

Over the last decade, people have had more options than ever before when it comes to the metal they choose for their wedding bands. Insider explained that yellow gold is generally seen as the more traditional option. The publication writes that as platinum and white gold became more popular, yellow gold fell out of fashion with brides and grooms-to-be.


However, according to the publication, yellow gold is back in 2021. Private jeweler and founder of Concierge Diamonds, Dan Moran, told the outlet, "What's old is new again! Many people are expressing a desire for yellow-gold in their engagement rings or wedding bands."

Hitched said that the wedding band may not be the only wedding accessory couples splurge on. Bridal accessories designer Sally of Tilly Thomas Lux told the outlet, "I think there will be two extremes for 2021. Some couples will go all out and have a decadent, no-expense-spared big day, while others will keep things more considered and invest in pieces which they can wear again and again. I predict we'll see lots of stunning crowns and headpieces which will become heirlooms to be passed down to future generations."


There will be more sustainable choices at 2021 weddings

For many people, their wedding day takes months or even years to plan and is then over in a very short period. However, Elle UK predicts that 2021 is going to be the year of the sustainable wedding. This applies to the venues people are choosing and their outfits.


According to the shopping app LiketoKnowit (via Elle UK), the search term "short wedding dress" has skyrocketed in 2021. Similarly, more people are looking at jumpsuits and mini dresses. These are options that don't just look super chic but can also be worn time and time again after the wedding. You'll be getting more for your money as your wedding dress won't be hung up and put away after one wear, and you'll also be avoiding fast fashion trends. 

Brides magazine added that as people are more aware of their carbon footprint, more people will opt for digital invites in 2021. "Couples are increasingly putting sustainability as a top priority for their wedding day and 2021 will continue to see a big growth in this," the team at Norfolk's Holkham Hall told Hitched, "The stats are scary – one wedding day produces the same CO2 emissions as five people will produce in a year."