The Truth About Betty White's Time On The Bold And The Beautiful

When you think of the legendary actress Betty White, you likely picture her amazing talent for comedy. From her role on "Golden Girls" to her performance as the hilarious grandmother in "The Proposal," it's hard to think of White without cracking a smile.

In fact, the late actress wanted to be remembered for her uncanny ability to make people laugh. In an interview with Parade, she shared that when the time came, she wanted to leave her fans laughing. "I hope they remember something funny. I hope they remember a laugh." 

Rightfully so, she is often praised for being one of the best comedians to hit the small screen, being described as "perhaps the greatest comic tactician in the history of television" by Variety. Many fans remember her fondly for her hilarious rants on "The Golden Girls" or her amazing quips on the vintage game show, "Match Game." White also enjoyed a role that many of her fans would not expect her to.

White loved dramatic acting roles too

White's talent was certainly in comedy, but she also enjoyed taking on more serious roles in front of the camera, per Showbiz Cheat Sheet. In case you forgot, White spent time on the hit soap opera TV show, "The Bold and the Beautiful," as the character Ann Douglas. She played the mother of one of the show's main characters, Stephanie Forrester.

Her role was a dramatic one, and it was the center of an important plot where Forrester was recalling the abuse she suffered at the hands of her father. Of course, White was great in this serious role, playing a character that some would assume was outside of her wheelhouse. White loved playing Ann Douglas, telling Tulsa World, "It's also, for me, such a great stretch because I don't get the chance to do serious acting. So to get some serious things to do was kind of fun."

It seems "The Bold and the Beautiful" loved having White on, too. Though her character died on the show back in 2009 after battling cancer, the show issued a statement mourning the loss of the actress (via Soap Opera Network). "Our deepest sympathies to the family [and] loved ones of Betty White who graced us with her joyful presence and remarkable talent as Ann Douglas," the statement read. "Betty was as Bold and Beautiful as they come, and she will be greatly missed."