All Of Carrie Bradshaw's Most Iconic Bags

There's no denying that Carrie Bradshaw is the most iconic sartorial character on television. You don't need the "Sex and the City" reboot, "And Just Like That" to tell you that. But, since the character played by Sarah Jessica Parker is gracing the screen yet again, we might as well take a look. Of course, Bradshaw was most notably known for her Manolo Blahnik shoes and mega-stacked tiny closet. There was one accessory of Bradshaw's that deserves a closer look — her bags.

From copious amounts of Dior bags to the iconic Birkin Bag, Parker's character carried some of the most iconic bag not just of the show but of all time. While fans were focused on her shoes, she was carrying some bags in the '90s that are still just as iconic today (via Prestige). Heck, some of the bags are back in style just in time for her to bring back the exact same ones in the "And Just Like That" series. It's a magical fashion moment to say the least.

Here are some of the most iconic bags that Parker has carried on the show. We will warn you though, you're going to want at least one of these styles after reading this. 

The Judith Leiber Swan bag from Big

Let's start out with one of the most impractical but exclusive bags on the show. According to Prestige, the Judith Leiber Swan Bag was a gift to Carrie Bradshaw from Big on the show. It's iconic in the sense that, well, it's a $3,000 bag (via eBay). But also because, as the above publication notes, the show seemed to launch the brand into a household name. Everyone from Kim Kardashian to Jaclyn Hill has the bags in their collection (via Home Addict). 

Since appearing on the show, the bags have only gotten more expensive though. You can buy an updated version of Bradshaw's bag for a whopping $4,995 (via Net-A-Porter). The bag is slightly a slightly larger version of the bag with a longer neck and even more details. Which, naturally, means more crystals. Hence the higher price point.

This is one of the least practical bags that Bradshaw carried on the show, but it sure is a work of art.

The many Birkin bags

Would it even be a fashion-centered show if there wasn't a Hermes Birkin Bag? Rhetorical question. There were quite a few Birkins on "Sex and the City," from Samantha being on a 5-year wait-list to get one to Carrie carrying ones of her own (via Lifestyle Asia). Yes, you read that correctly. Carrie owned at least three Birkins of her own. But, as the iconic line on the show goes, "It's not a bag, it's a Birkin."

How a writer from New York City owns three Birkin bags is beyond us. Each bag costs anywhere between $12,000 to $200,000, according to (via Style Caster). Even taking inflation into consideration, that's a whole lot of money spent on bags. Carrie reportedly owned a bright blue Birkin, a tan one, and also a sage green mini-Birkin (via Prestige). That's, at the very least, around $20,000 for the group of bags. To say this woman had expensive taste is an understatement. 

THE Fendi Baguette

It's impossible to talk about Carrie Bradshaw's iconic bags without talking about the Fendi Baguette purse. Or, should we say, "It's not a bag, it's a baguette." According to Refinery29, this bag was the "first 'it' bag" on the show. While Sarah Jessica Parker carried a fair share of baguette-styles on the show, this bright purple, sequined Fendi was iconic.

The bag is not only the one that Bradshaw was carrying when she was robbed on the streets of New York City, but it actually was shown in the reboots (via People). In fact, as People reported, the baguette was so iconic that Fendi actually did a campaign featuring Parker and the bag in December 2021.

With Y2K fashion coming back, it only makes sense that the baguette would be the star of the show. This style of bag is everywhere now, making it all the more clear that "Sex and the City" will forever be iconic. 

The Gucci Belt bag that's back in fashion

If you follow fashion trends today, you'll know how iconic Gucci Belt Bags are. Just about every member of the Kardashian family has been seen wearing one, and it's on every fashion-girl's wish list (via Vogue). It's fashion and function, which makes it the best. But Carrie Bradshaw was wearing the item before everyone else.

According to Who What Wear, Bradshaw casually slipped this accessory in for multiple brunch scenes throughout the show. Obviously she knew what she was doing fashion-wise before the rest of the world. This is one bag that aged just as well as the show did.

If you're looking to get your hands on this bag today, it will cost you a cool $980 (via Gucci). Again, we're not sure how a writer from New York City casually adds this into her bag rotation, but we would love if someone can help us maneuver the same. 

The Dior Saddle bag

While there are tons of iconic bags on the show, Carrie Bradshaw's Dior Saddle Bag was up there with the best. According to Prestige, Sarah Jessica Parker liked the bag so much that she actually carried it in two of her characters's dates with Aiden Shaw on the show. The publication also goes on to say that she carried a similar all-denim Dior saddle bag as well. Bradshaw might not have worn outfits more than once, but she did love herself a good staple bag.

There is no character out there with a more iconic closet than Bradshaw, and her bag game was extremely strong. When the character says that she "likes [her] money right where she can see it — hanging in [her] closet" she was not kidding. While some of these are not the most practical of bags, others are still iconic decades later. Say what you will about Bradshaw, but the woman has style.