How To Properly Apply Liquid Blush

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Applying blush generally isn't the easiest, but applying liquid blush is even harder. (Some even use lipstick as blush!) When applying blush, you always want to ensure you're blending it into your skin well so that it looks like a natural flush rather than a layer of pink powder sitting on top of the rest of your makeup. This can be hard to achieve sometimes, especially depending on the combination of blush, foundation, and concealer you're using. Not all combinations of products work well together unfortunately. Still, while it can be tricky to apply, liquid blush is actually great for blending.

You should apply blush differently based on your face shape, but some rules and tips are universal. According to Good Housekeeping, for example, you need to set yourself up for success by creating a solid makeup base and by choosing the right shade of foundation for your skin, all before you dive into your blush. The base being correct will help the blush smooth out, and ensuring you've tested to get the right shade will help your face look more natural. These tips apply no matter if you're using powder blush or liquid blush. Moreover, you can even use blush in other places, like your eyes and lips!

Once you're ready to take on liquid blush, there are only a few special things you need to know before you can create a fine look.

Liquid blush isn't as hard to apply as you think it is

It's easy to fall into common blush application mistakes, and it's also normal. However, with a few tips and tricks, you'll be applying it expertly in no time. For liquid blush, you want to already have your makeup base on before putting any on. You should also lean toward liquid foundations and concealers because liquids naturally apply and blend best into other liquids (via Bustle). This also means that you don't want to set anything with powder until all of your liquid products are on your face.

Also beware of your touch. Applying too much liquid blush, which can often be super pigmented, can overwhelm your makeup, and be soft when blending it, too. Applying too much pressure can uproot your foundation and/or concealer, making you have to start over. The Huffington Post recommends blending liquid blush in by doing swirling motions with a brush or sponge. Sometimes, though, your fingers are the best makeup tools, too!

When applying liquid blush, always aim for the top of your cheekbones, and only use a dot or two, per Charlotte Tilbury. Placing the product directly on the top of your cheekbones will help you blend it outward where you need it rather than it being placed underneath and you having to struggle to blend it upward where it's needed. This may seem like a silly reminder, but it makes a world of difference!

Ultimately, liquid blush isn't too bad if you know how to best apply it. Plus, using a little concealer to help blend it out — or cover some color if you apply too much — makes the process rather affirming!