Here's How To Get Started Watching Days Of Our Lives

"Days of Our Lives" is one of the longest-running television shows ever. The NBC soap opera spans over 55 years and has captured the attention of many generations (via Smithsonian Magazine). Over the years, "DOOL" has aired too many memorable moments to count, and viewers seem to always have their favorite plots, characters, and actors. Some viewers have a family history of watching the sudser that allows them to know what's going on with the characters in Salem. However, other viewers have to figure out how to understand the soap's storylines, references, and characters all by themselves.

Diving into a soap opera that has been on the air for more than five decades can definitely be tricky but that shouldn't discourage viewers from watching the series if they have a desire to do so. In fact, there are resources that can help new viewers understand what's going on in the "Days of Our Lives" universe if they're thinking about starting to watch the show.

Check out a Days of Our Lives history book

If you're looking to get the history of "Days of Our Lives" so that you can understand what's going on while you're watching it, there are an array of books that you can read to help you find out all of the most important things you need to know about the soap opera. Books such as "Days of Our Lives: A Complete History of the Long-Running Soap Opera" by Maureen Russell can give you an inside look into the show's first 30 years on air by detailing storylines, characters, important relationships, and more (via McFarland Books).

"DOOL" also released a book in honor of its 50th anniversary, which features rare photos and highlights iconic characters, while revealing their important storylines over the years. The book also includes quotes from the soap actors themselves (via Goodreads). So, having something to reference and enjoy such as a history book about the soap may be a good purchase for you if you're serious about watching the show.

Scour the internet and learn the DOOL family trees

New "Days of Our Lives" viewers should also utilize the internet while learning about the show. There are plenty of old clips on YouTube to enjoy so that you can get a feel for the iconic moments you've missed over the years. "DOOL" fan pages are also easy to find with a simple internet search, as well as social media pages dedicated to the show. Forums such as the one at can also be a good place to get answers to any questions you may have while watching the soap opera. Many soap opera sites such as Soap Central also have character bios, which feature important information about the characters and their memorable storylines.

Of course, new viewers will also need to understand the four main families in Salem, which include the Hortons, Bradys, DiMeras, and Kiriakis' (via Soap Central). Other notable families include the Carver, Deveraux, and Hernandez clans. Finding the full family trees for the characters can be done with the click of a mouse.

Ultimately, the more you watch the soap the more you'll learn about the long histories of the characters and the important storylines of the past. So, if you're thinking about tuning in to "Days of Our Lives" just go for it!