Lily Collins Reveals The Item She Wishes She Could Keep From Emily In Paris

Every now and then, Netflix will release a brand new series that manages to get binge-watched within the same week it drops and make its way up to number one within days. Usually this is due to how good the show is. In the case of "Emily in Paris," the series seems to have made its way to the top thanks to countless hate-watchers. The first season of the show was a huge hit. With the exciting star Lily Collins and the fun fashion set to a beautiful Parisian backdrop, it was an instant hit. Fans did, however, wince at a fair few of the storylines and problematic characters (via People).

When Season 2 dropped, everyone ran to hate-watch their new favorite comfort TV show (via The Hollywood Reporter). Sure, the messiness of Emily was often exhausting and the constant gratuitous singing scenes were daunting, but "Emily in Paris" still delivers a certain simple, easy-to-watch, and aesthetically pleasing vibe that manages to make it a hit (via The Daily Beast). Regardless, one thing "Emily in Paris" always delivers is bold (albeit polarizing) fashion moments.

Lily Collins asked to keep some of Emily's 'epic dresses'

With all of the friendship and relationship drama that's constant throughout the show, one of the most important elements of "Emily in Paris" is the fashion. After all, it was created by the same Darren Star behind the cult favorite "Sex and the City," and what is Emily if not a current-day Carrie (via Glamour)? With so many countless bold and unique fashion moments throughout each episode, the question Lily Collins constantly gets asked is what her favorite was. Speaking to E!'s "Daily Pop," she dished about her favorite Season 2 look: "I love this outfit I wore for my birthday party which was this little mini dress with a big pink bow, because I felt Emily thought it was a bit of a present to herself."

Considering Collins is actually a producer on the show, you'd think she managed to scoop up some of her favorite looks for safekeeping. During an interview with Vogue, Collins shared that there were some "epic dresses" she had hoped she could take home, but she confirmed that she didn't manage to keep anything this season. She playfully added, "Believe me, I asked!"