Is It Safe To Get A Keratin Lash Lift?

Full, fluttering eyelashes are all the rage right now. Unfortunately, a pair of eyelash curlers and a mascara wand aren't usually enough to achieve this flawless full look. Instead, what you need is a lash lift. 

As per Byrdie, a lash lift is a process that not only lifts the lashes, but also lengthens and curls them, leaving them looking oh-so-flawless.

A keratin lash lift is a cosmetic treatment that uses a chemical solution to change the shape of your lashes, lifting and curling them — think of it a bit like a perm for your lashes. Of course, an actual lash perm is a little different than a keratin lash lift; the difference is that a perm uses an alkaline-based solution to pull the lashes into a curled position, whereas a keratin lash lift uses keratin.

What makes the process so popular is the fact that it addresses the entire lash, from the base to the tip. It makes them appear far longer and the lash line look fuller.

Keratin lash lifts are exceedingly popular, but are they safe?

As lash lifts are a newish procedure, there's not a huge amount of information about the potential side effects of it (per Healthline). However, there have been some reported side effects by people who have undergone the treatment.

One of the most common issues reported is skin irritation. During the treatment process, protective pads are positioned along the lash line to help protect your eyes from the keratin-based glue being used.

Healthline explains that the issue is that sometimes the glue can leak and end up on the skin, which can lead to redness, soreness, and general irritation. It's also worth noting that irritation can occur more often in people with a history of allergies, dry eye, or sensitive skin and eyes. In severe reactions, the skin around the eyelashes can blister. The eyelashes can also become brittle, and as a result, can break more easily. There's also the risk of the solution going into your eye, which can lead to serious irritation — in the worst-case situations, it can cause an eye burn or ulcer.

As per Byrdie, a keratin lash lift tends to be less damaging than an eyelash perm. This may be because eyelash hair is made of keratin, and the keratin formula can help protect the health of your eyelashes.