Here's How Queer Eye Hero Chris Baker's Organization Feels About Him - Exclusive

"Queer Eye" Season 6 debuted on New Year's Eve and deserved all the celebratory bubbles. The Fab Five spent time in Austin, Texas, for a bit of honky-tonk and crawfish. They also helped a new season of QE heroes, y'all. 

One of those heroes, Chris Baker, is the Executive Director of the nonprofit, The Other Ones Foundation (TOOF). He leads a team of people who're changing the experience of homelessness in the Austin area. Chris is a perennial giver; he puts everything he has into this worthy cause.

Unfortunately, this leaves Chris physically and emotionally exhausted. That's where the Fab Five come in. Throughout his week with the QE team, Chris opens up about his struggles with gastric bypass surgery as well as lingering angst about his mother's death, per Bustle. Shouldering this unrelenting stress impacts his confidence and work-life balance. However, by the end of the episode, Chris has a renewed sense of self, and he takes the stage at a major fundraiser — stepping fully into his leadership role.

The nonprofit was raising funds for a significant homeless housing project. So, what came of it all? We checked in with TOOF to see how Chris — and the project — are doing and how they feel about being in the spotlight.

Chris Baker's nonprofit is celebrating the impactful Queer Eye momentum

It's always a whirlwind when the Fab Five swoop in to help a hero rise up. It's typically non-stop renovations, real-talk, and styling. However, when the dust settled and the film crew left, was Chris able to keep up the momentum of self-prioritization? 

Max Moscoe, Communications Manager at TOOF, confirms that yas, henny — Chris is slaying! According to Moscoe, "Chris has been doing really well and continuing to practice the arts of self-care and work-life balance to the best of his abilities. His leadership is even stronger than before because as he's taking care of himself, he's able to show up more fully at work (for less hours)."

The experience of showing up, in general, got an upgrade as well. Bobby Berk, who heads up the design and renovation aspect of the glow-ups, completely overhauled the office space. Moscoe explains that due to tight budgets, many social service organizations have somewhat drab decor that "can create feelings of shame and scarcity when [clients are] accessing those resources."

He goes on to say, "TOOF has always tried to cultivate a comfortable and dignified atmosphere in our spaces where we greet and serve clients, but we really needed a hand with that new office!" 

And, to address the running joke throughout the episode, yes, they finally have enough coffee for everyone!

QE hero Chris Baker helps change homelessness in Austin, Texas

And that big project they were fundraising for? Well, Chris Baker and the TOOF team have been successful. According to the organization's website, the Esperanza Community is well underway and will offer those experiencing homelessness both work opportunities and shelter. Max Moscoe said the "Queer Eye" team played a significant role in moving the project forward.

Since the show aired, Chris and Max have been inundated with emails, messages, and donations. Unfortunately, they have not met their fundraising goal, but Moscoe is confident that Chris's renewed balance will help carry them over the finish line. He is happy to report that they "...are almost three fourths of the way to [their] funding goal of $5.4 million, and construction at the Esperanza Community is in full swing. [They] are looking at having the first 100 individual shelter units built and occupied by spring."

On the show, Chris shared a touching quote from his late mother. She had told him, "Success is measured by how you make those around you feel." The Fab Five made sure to include this sentiment during the office renovations, which Chris proudly shared in his Instagram feed. It's clear that Chris makes those around him feel cared for and that his colleagues at TOOF feel the same. Their website update says, "We are all incredibly proud of Chris, and it is an honor and a privilege to work alongside him. Watching his journey has been so beautiful for all of us at TOOF, and we hope it is able to have some kind of impact on you as well."