The Untold Truth Of Camille Razat

Until 2020, most of us probably hadn't heard of Camille Razat. The French actress made her English-speaking debut in the Darren Star Netflix show "Emily in Paris" and immediately went from being relatively unknown to being a household name. As the charming Camille in "Emily in Paris," Razat was the perfectly chic Parisian — and it turns out, that's kind of what she is like in her real life, too.


Razat began her modeling career as a teenager before studying acting at the Cours Florent Drama School in Paris. She went on to appear in a number of French TV shows and films including "The Disappearance," "(Girl)friend," "The 15:17 to Paris," and "The Accusation." However, her career suddenly skyrocketed when she landed her role in "Emily in Paris." As she told Glamour, "It's changed everything for me, honestly." Now, she's on the cusp of stardom, with casting directors approaching her with leading roles in major projects. Chances are, you'll be hearing a lot more about Razat soon. Want to learn a little more about who the French actress really is? Here is the untold truth of Camille Razat.


Camille Razat is originally from the French countryside in Toulouse

Taking a quick glance at Camille Razat's super chic Instagram, you'd be forgiven for assuming she was born and bred in Paris. However, the actress hasn't always considered herself a Parisian. According to Actu Toulouse, the actress was born in Haute-Garonne in Toulouse.


"I am from the south of France — I am a Parisian outsider," she explained to Where is the Buzz. And, as she told Glamour, just like Emily in "Emily in Paris," Razat understands what it's like to be new to Paris. "I come from the countryside, and when I arrived in Paris, I had some Emily moments sometimes," she confessed. Apparently, Razat had to get used to a few very specific Parisian customs. For instance, as Razat explained, "The cigarette at 11:30 with a glass of wine is true!" It sounds like Razat has settled into the Parisian way of life now, even if she used to feel a little out of place.

Camille Razat has a very precise skincare and beauty routine

Let's face it — Camille Razat is totally stunning. In "Emily in Paris," she has that very specific French low-maintenance, all-natural look when it comes to beauty. It comes as no surprise that the actress takes exceptional care of her skin. "I take care of my skin a lot," she told Glamour. "I do micro-needling with hyaluronic acid once a month." She also uses L'Oreal Revitalift serum along with Augustius Bader products and a Gua Sha crystal roller every day.


In a video for Vogue, Razat went into more detail about her very precise "natural and Parisian" skincare routine. She begins with an eye cream by Augustius Bader to get rid of any puffiness, then uses a serum to give herself a glow. She then uses a moisturizer by Embryolisse, followed by her crystal roller. Then, she moves onto makeup. In her everyday routine, she uses a Sisley primer, a Fenty cream contour, a L'Oreal powder, a mixture of three concealers, Mac blush, and finally some mascara, eyebrow pencil, and lipstick — and voila — the perfect French girl look is complete. As Razat explained, the key to her makeup routine is to keep the texture of her skin looking natural — and it really doesn't get more Parisian than that.


Camille Razat has been a professional model since she was 14

Camille Razat didn't always have aspirations to become an actor. In fact, her first venture into the world of performing was as a model as a teenager. "I've been modeling since I was 14," she told Savoir Flair. She went on, "Since I'm short, I would be doing fittings and they would just look at me, and scream 'next.' Just like that."


While some casting directors thought she was too short, Razat wasn't phased, and she certainly found plenty of success as time went on. She's modeled for Balmain, Guy Laroche, Roger Vivier, and more. And over the years, her modeling experience has taught her a lot. "It is such a hard job being a model. Let me tell you, it's like one of the worst things you can do," she said. "I got tougher thanks to modeling, so when I get to my acting auditions, I'm less scared." Plus, she explained, it helped her become used to the camera from a young age.

Here's what Camille Razat keeps in her Chanel bag

Ever wondered what a Parisian star like Camille Razat keeps in her purse? Well, luckily, the actress opened her classic quilted Chanel bag up for Vogue France. First, she usually carries a book. As of December 2021, that book was "Jewish Gansta" by Karim Madani, about hip-hop culture in New York City in the '90s. She also carried the Balenciaga perfume she's been wearing for 15 years. As Razat explained, the company is planning on discontinuing the perfume. "It's a powdery, clean smell that stays on all day. ... Please, Balenciaga, if you hear me, don't stop making it, I love it too much," she said.


Razat also had a small wallet with just enough room for a few credit cards — "the bare necessities," as she put it. Then, Razat pulled out a few adorable notes from her boyfriend including one that said simply, "Mon amour," which means "My love." How cute! Finally, Razat also had a hand sanitizer, a Celine hair scrunchie, her keys, a lipstick, and, of course, her iPhone.

Camille Razat grew up wanting to be a war reporter and fell into acting by accident

Watching Camille Razat on screen, it would be easy to imagine that she hadn't always dreamt of acting. However, there was a time when Razat had very different ambitions. As the actress explained to Where is the Buzz, "Acting is not my first choice. I wanted to be a reporter, so nothing to do with acting." In another interview with L'Officiel, Razat went into more detail, explaining that her dream had been to become a war reporter.


Razat entered a competition at her school to study journalism, which she won — "which committed me to five years of study," she recalled. However, before she embarked on her course, Razat decided to take a year out of school and have some fun. During her year off, she happened to take a theater course at Cours Florent (a drama school in Paris). "I do the internship, I go into school, and I love everything I do there," she recalled. "I never went back to my previous project."

Camille Razat is a massive gaming nerd and a huge fan of World of Warcraft

Most people's first impression of Camille Razat is that she's effortlessly chic and decidedly feminine (in that edgy Parisian way, of course). It may surprise you to learn that she is actually a bit of a gaming nerd. When asked by L'Oreal's Beauty Magazine to describe "something no one could guess about you," she replied, "I'm a huge gamer." It turns out, the actress has been seriously into World of Warcraft for over a decade. "Unfortunately I don't have the time to play [much] anymore but I really enjoy it when I do," she added.


That all changed when lockdown hit. As Razat revealed to Glamour, she spent up to 10 hours a day playing World of Warcraft during lockdown. "At the end of the month, I was in the top rate of my category from Europe," she said.

In another interview with Cosmopolitan, Razat explained that when she's on set, she loves to play games on her phone. In fact, when asked what she did to stay busy between takes, she instantly replied, "For me it's video games, playing on my phone."

Here's how Camille Razat got the part in Emily in Paris

Ever wondered how to land a leading role in a Netflix series? For Camille Razat, the process wasn't exactly easy. "The first time that I did go to my audition I was so sick," she told Where is the Buzz. "I had fever and I was, like, so slow." Razat went on to explain that after her difficult first audition, she practically begged them to let her come back and try again. After that first audition, Razat ended up doing "three or four" callbacks before she finally got the part.


At her final callback, Razat auditioned for Darren Star, the show's creator, on Skype. "He directed me and I pretended to hear everything that he said, but, truly, I didn't hear anything so I was just pretending," she confessed. Luckily, all of her audition mishaps didn't matter, and in the end, she got the part.

Camille Razat already knew this Emily in Paris cast member before the show

Even though "Emily in Paris" is an American show, it was filmed and largely cast in Paris. So, many of the cast members were from the Parisian acting scene. Even though that's still a pretty big pool of actors, it turns out, Camille Razat was already close friends with one of her co-stars — Lucas Bravo, who plays Gabriel, her boyfriend, on the show.


In an interview with Gala, Razat explained, "We knew each other before 'Emily in Paris,' we had shot a short film together." She added, "I love him, he's my mate." According to IMDb, the short film in question is called "Caprice" and was released in 2019, just one year before "Emily in Paris." We don't know too much about the film, but it's clear that Razat and Bravo have always worked well together. No wonder these two had such amazing chemistry!

Camille Razat has what she calls a 'masculine' fashion style

Not only does Camille in "Emily in Paris" have an amazing sense of style, the woman who plays her, Camille Razat, is also a total fashionista.

In an interview with Vogue, Razat went into detail about her sense of style. First of all, she's incredibly inspired by classic looks, but likes to give them her own "rock 'n roll" twist. Her aim? "I want to have a chic air, but not bourgeois," she said. As for her essential pieces, Razat listed an oversized blazer with padded shoulders, simple t-shirts, high waisted jeans, boots, and a mini bag. Talk about nailing Parisian chic!


But, as she told L'Officiel, her style has started to change since taking on the role in "Emily in Paris." "I liked to play with a more masculine side," she said. "Now, and thanks to the character of Camille, I have become more feminine." She even wears dresses and skirts now!

Camille Razat isn't that different from her character of Camille in Emily in Paris

Camille Razat doesn't just share a name with her "Emily in Paris" character — she also shares quite a few characteristics with her, too. In fact, when she first read the script, she felt an instant connection to the character. "I think I'm pretty much Camille in real life," Razat told ET Online, explaining that acting in the show wasn't too hard.


Speaking with Where is the Buzz, Razat explained some of the ways that she and Camille are similar. "We have so much in common," she said. "I try to be as generous as she is being in the show, especially with tourists, because I know in Paris they are not well welcomed." She added that Camille's happy, positive outlook in life is also something that she shares with her character. As she put it, "When I'm smiling all the time on the show, I'm really like that in life."

Camille Razat had to practice her English skills for Emily in Paris

If you're a fan of "Emily in Paris," you know that English is the main language on the show, even though many of the characters are meant to be from France. The show was Camille Razat's first English project, and even though she spoke some English, it was a big learning curve for the actress.


"I struggled," she confessed to Savoir Flair. "I hired a coach because I've never lived in another country, not even London or the U.S., and I'm French so I don't get to practice English everyday." Apparently, Razat had to work incredibly hard to get her English ready for the show. Luckily, the producers didn't want Camille's accent to be perfect. Plus, Razat was happy to practice her English. As she told Cosmopolitan, "I love English people — I love speaking foreign languages in my own country."

Here's how Camille Razat coped with lockdown life in France

Camille Razat is an outgoing, sociable person — so, when COVID-19 hit, she found it difficult to change her lifestyle. "It was absolutely weird, because I think nobody is prepared to live like this," she told Glamour. Razat went on to explain that even before the pandemic hit, she had struggled with anxiety. Being in lockdown made her feel anxious about her elderly relatives, and she struggled to take good care of herself. "It was hard taking care of my body, for example, working out," she confessed. "To find the motivation and do something for you and take care of your own temple, I must say I forgot about it during the pandemic totally."


Luckily, Razat didn't have to go through it all alone. "I don't live alone, I live with my boyfriend so I'm not really alone. That's a big thing," she told Savoir Flair. She also tried to see her friends and carry on with interviews and magazine shoots when she could. It sounds like Razat struggled through lockdown just like the rest of us!

Camille Razat got engaged to her French photographer boyfriend in 2021

Even though Camille Razat and Lucas Bravo made a totally gorgeous couple in "Emily in Paris," the actress has another boyfriend in real life — Etienne Baret, a photographer. Unsurprisingly, he's pretty gorgeous, too. In 2021, the couple got engaged, and Razat announced the news with an adorable video on Instagram, which saw the couple kissing as friends threw rose petals at them.


The pair were first pictured together in an Instagram post in 2017. Since then, Razat has posted several photos with Baret credited as the photographer. In fact, looking at his Instagram, it seems like she's his muse.

The pair have even collaborated together professionally in a Roger Vivier campaign. Both Razat and Baret appear in the campaign, with Baret even using a mirror for some photos so both of them can be seen. Let's just say their sizzling chemistry is undeniable!

Camille Razat doesn't plan on moving her career to Hollywood just yet

"Emily in Paris" has been nothing short of life-changing for Camille Razat. She went from being a relatively unknown model and actress from Paris to being an internationally recognizable star. As she told Glamour, she now pretty much has her pick of any role. However, even though Hollywood may be knocking at her door, she isn't too interested just yet. "I would never [move to LA]!" she said. "I'm kidding. I don't have my driving license, so LA is a nightmare when you can't drive," she clarified.


Instead, she's focusing on doing more French projects, such as "Les Choses Humaines," based on a novel by French writer Yvan Attal, and "Mastemah," about a woman who is "followed by death." She's also working on a French TV movie as of 2022 (via L'Officiel). It seems that Razat is French girl through and through — we just hope she chooses to do a few more English roles in the future!