Whatever Happened To The Cast Of Mad About You?

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"Mad About You" was a hit NBC sitcom from 1992 to 1999. The series focuses on a New York City-based couple, Paul and Jamie Buchman, played by Paul Reiser and Helen Hunt. The pair were joined by a cast of equally-memorable actors who played their family and friends.

In 2019, much of the series' cast reunited for a limited series revival on Charter's Spectrum. The revival came after the two leads, Hunt and Reiser, had resisted the idea of a reboot for years. According to The Hollywood Reporter, both actors were proud of how the show ended and were reluctant to return. But, when Reiser had an idea for a new take on the story with Hunt and himself as empty nesters, they returned for just 12 episodes.

Fans were excited to see the pair and other cast members back together, even if just for a short time. But, if you've wondered what the actors were up to in the years between the series finale and the reboot, you're in luck. Keep reading to learn what's happened to the cast of "Mad About You."

Paul Reiser bounced back after his canceled series

Not only did Paul Reiser play Paul Buchman on "Mad About You," but Reiser also has writing credits on several episodes of the beloved sitcom. He starred in the series from 1992 to 1999, then reprised his role with several other cast members when the series returned in 2019.

In the years after "Mad About You" ended, Reiser had some bumps in the road. In 2011, he had his own show playing himself. However, when the "Paul Reiser Show" premiered with poor viewership and lackluster reviews, NBC pulled the plug after only two episodes (via Entertainment Weekly).

Luckily, Reiser's acting career bounced back, and you've probably seen him in notable roles such as Sam Owens in Netflix's "Stranger Things," Martin in "The Kominsky Method," and Doug Getty in "Red Oaks" (via IMDb). He's also continued working as a stand-up comedian, doing live shows throughout the U.S.

Reiser also released an album, "Unusual Suspects," with musician Julia Fordham. Many fans of his acting and comedy probably wouldn't guess that he's also a classically-trained pianist, but Reiser has long had a passion for music. Speaking about working with Reiser on the album, Fordham told Reuters, "Sometimes you just have to go with your instinct, and it did look a bit peculiar on paper, but it just had this really authentic and natural flow to it." Between his acting, comedy, music, and book releases, it's fair to say Reiser has had plenty to keep him busy.

Helen Hunt continues to act after a frightening car accident

Since playing Jamie Buchman on "Mad About You," Helen Hunt has continued to have quite a successful acting career. Some of her most memorable roles were in 2000's "Cast Away," where she starred alongside Tom Hanks, and 2012's Oscar-nominated film "The Sessions." In 2021, she joined the cast of "Blindspotting," a Starz series where she plays Rafael Casal's mother. Speaking about working with the show's creators, Hunt told the San Francisco Chronicle, "I adore them, and I love what this show's about. They sent me a couple of early drafts of scripts, and I gave them my feedback on the part."

Hunt's more recent work came after a brief scare in 2019 when it was reported she'd been in a major car accident where her car flipped on its side. Fortunately, her representative, Stephen Huvane, told USA Today that Hunt had "no major injuries." Hunt took to social media a few days later to post a picture with her former "Mad About You" co-star, Paul Reiser, along with the caption, "Back at work." After the frightening news of her crash, her followers were overjoyed to see Hunt doing well. Actress Tracie Thoms commented, "Thank GOD!!!" And many fans were excited to see the two actors working together again for the 2019 "Mad About You" reboot.

John Pankow continues acting on stage and TV

Fans of "Mad About You" will remember John Pankow for his role as Ira Buchman, Paul Buchman's cousin and landlord. Pankow was a series regular after coming on partway through the first season, so fans were excited when he rejoined the cast for the 2019 revival (via The Hollywood Reporter).

You may also have seen Pankow in his recurring role in "Madam Secretary," where he plays Glenn, a NASA administrator. He's also appeared in episodes of "Lucifer," "Blue Bloods," and "Chicago P.D." Along with his work as a TV actor, Pankow has several stage credits to his name. He was part of the 2004 cast of Broadway's "Twelve Angry Men," 2007's "Cymbeline," and 2019's "Kiss Me, Kate." He's also been in quite a few off-Broadway productions throughout his career (via Broadway World). During the run of "Kiss Me, Kate," Broadway Buzz reported that Pankow's former "Mad About You" co-star, Richard Kind, joined the cast, allowing the pair to work alongside each other again.

Why did Leila Kenzle, who played Mad About You's Fran, quit acting?

Leila Kenzle played Fran, the best friend and business partner to Helen Hunt's Jamie, on "Mad About You." However, when the show first began, the actress wasn't a series regular. In 1995, she told the Los Angeles Times, "I started out with the possibility of becoming a recurring character, then in the middle of the first season I became a regular. I had no idea it would go this far, but it's really, really nice and was a big surprise."

However, despite her successful run on the popular show and several other roles throughout the '90s and early 2000s, Kenzle didn't return for the series' reboot and hasn't acted in years. According to Time, Kenzle actually quit her acting career to become a therapist, and the former actress has primarily stayed out of the public eye since. Perhaps, the career shift was partly because acting had never been Kenzle's choice. As she admitted to the Los Angeles Times, "My mother was a total stage mother and pushed me all the way into acting." So, while she was missed on the series reboot, it's good to know she's striking out on her own path now.

Anne Ramsay has continued acting and writing

Her "Mad About You" character, Lisa Stemple (Jamie's sister), is still one of Anne Ramsay's most well-known roles. In 1992, the same year she debuted on the sitcom, Ramsay had another beloved role as Helen Haley in "A League of Their Own." But you may wonder what she's been doing since then.

Well, she's appeared on several other TV shows, including a recurring role on "The L Word" as Robin, "The Secret Life of the American Teenager" as Nora Underwood, and "Hart of Dixie" as Winifred Wilkes (via IMDb). During her time on "The Secret Life of the American Teenager," Ramsay also wrote an episode, "Love is Love." According to an interview with Windy City Times, Ramsay has been writing for years and even finished a sitcom pilot with her writing partner, though it hasn't been picked up. So, perhaps, we can look forward to more writing from her in the future.

The Mad About You reboot was Cynthia Harris' final role

During her time on "Mad About You," Cynthia Harris played the sometimes meddling mother of Paul Reiser's character. However, prior to her time on the show, she was a well-known and acclaimed actress. Before "Mad About You," Harris played Sarah in the Stephen Sondheim-George Furth musical, "Company." She also appeared in 1974's Broadway production of Terrence McNally's "Bad Habits" (per IMDb). Harris also made a name for herself in television before "Mad About You." One of her most well-known projects was the 1979 British TV mini-series "Edward & Mrs. Simpson," with her starring role as Wallis Simpson, which earned her a BAFTA nomination (via Deadline).

After acting in several more TV series, Harris joined the cast of "Mad About You" as Sylvia Buchman in 1993. When the series ended, Harris continued acting, returning for the series reboot in 2019. Sadly, the actress died at age 87, making her reprise of the role her last on-screen part. According to The New York Times, her nephew, Dan Harris, confirmed she died on October 3, 2021. She was survived by Dr. Matthew Harris, her brother, and Nathan Silverstein, her partner.

Louis Zorich died after a long marriage to another fellow actor

Like his on-screen wife, Cynthia Harris, Louis Zorich, who played Burt Buchman on "Mad About You," also died within the past few years — in February 2018 at age 93. Before his death, Zorich had an illustrious acting career. Long before his role on "Mad About You," he made his Broadway debut in 1960 in the original production of "Becket" and had parts in many other productions, including "Hadrian VII," "The Odd Couple," and "Follies" (via The Hollywood Reporter).

After his time on "Mad About You," Zorich landed roles in several movies, including "Friends and Family," "Detachment," and "The Talk Man" (via IMDb).

Along with his successful acting career, Zorich had a great love story in his real life. He met "Moonstruck" actress Olympia Dukakis during an audition when they were both young actors. According to an interview they did with People, the pair started dating soon after. They married at City Hall with a "98-cent ring from Woolworth." The couple was happily married until Zorich's death in 2018.

Richard Kind continues to work steadily as a voice and on-screen actor

On "Mad About You," Richard Kind played Dr. Mark Devanow, Fran's ex-husband. Since the series, the actor has kept busy — you've probably seen (or heard) him in plenty of other roles. In fact, he might have the longest resume of the whole cast. Some notable projects he's worked on include "Curb Your Enthusiasm," "Argo," and "A Serious Man."

But, even if you haven't recognized Kind in any more recent shows or movies, you've probably heard his distinctive voice, especially if you have kids in the house or you watch cartoons. Kind has voiced characters in Disney's "Inside Out," "Tangled: The Series," "The Penguins of Madagascar," "Big Mouth," and lots more. So, the next time you think you recognize a cartoon character's voice, it could be his.

Kind also returned for the reboot of "Mad About You." Speaking to PIX11 News about reuniting with his old castmates, he said, "It's really nice getting back together. They're old and dear friends, and I still keep in touch." In the same interview, the actor recommended everyone watch the Amazon series "Red Oaks," where he once again acted with Paul Reiser. According to Kind, the show is "great. It's not good. It's great."

You may have seen Robin Bartlett on your favorite TV shows

Although she didn't return for the 2019 reboot, Robin Bartlett is another face that any "Mad About You" fan will remember. Since her time on the sitcom playing Debbie Buchman, the sister to Paul Reiser's Paul Buchman, the actress has landed parts on many other TV shows, including recurring roles in "Dragnet," "American Horror Story," "Vice Principals," and "The Shrink Next Door." But, you also may have seen her in an episode or two of popular shows like "Brooklyn Nine-Nine," "CSI: Miami," and "Curb Your Enthusiasm." Bartlett has also appeared in films such as "Shutter Island," "The Glass Castle," and "Land of Dreams" (via IMDb).

The actress married Terence Cannon, the author of "Revolutionary Cuba," in 1990 after her 1984 divorce from Alan Rosenberg (via MarriedCeleb). The couple worked together on a performance piece Cannon had written called "The Loss of a Thing You Never Had," published by the Syndic Literary Journal in 2021.

Judy Geeson looks back fondly on her early work

Judy Geeson played Maggie Conway, the Buchmans' British neighbor across the hall, and, though she wasn't in every episode of "Mad About You," the actress certainly made an impression. Since her time on the series, Geeson has kept her career interesting with a variety of different roles. She's appeared in lighthearted TV series like "Gilmore Girls," "Love & Money," and "Charmed," and she's tackled the horror genre with films like "31" and "The Lords of Salem" (via IMDb).

Geeson has enjoyed a long acting career since the '60s, and, in an interview with Scoop, she shared that some of her most meaningful work was in her early career. "The first film I made, 'To Sir, With Love,' was the most life-changing, to me ... I look back on it with joy and love," Geeson said, adding that the project she enjoyed the most was "Three Into Two Won't Go" alongside Rod Steiger and Claire Bloom. "I think that was, for me, the best role I was given."