The Most Wholesome Moments From Queer Eye Season 6

"Queer Eye" Season 6 is like sippin' sweet tea on the porch all afternoon — there's nothin' more satisfying. The Fab Five managed to rustle up a whole new crew of heroes to support and celebrate. From cowboys to crawfish boils, each episode offers a glimpse of everyday life in Austin, Texas — lovingly known for its eclectic culture, according to The QE team mends fences and heals heroes' hearts in true Fab Five style. 

They even get cozy with cattle — except Karamo, of course. Settling in for some ranch-style glow-up, he says, "If you all could smell what I smell right now, you would understand why Josh don't got a girlfriend."

Though Karamo never gets over ranch-aroma, he and the team deliver one of their best seasons yet. Of course, in a season full of the feels, picking our favorite wholesome moments is tougher than herding kitties hopped up on catnip. But a few moments shine bright in this Lone Star-centric season.

Tan France weeps in Episode 4 —a reminder that expressing emotions is healthy

It's a sight so rare. Over the seasons, Tan France has only occasionally shed a tear — usually a singular tear.

When France cries, it's generally a one-dab dollop of salty evidence that he gets the feels. To be clear, he's a warm and verbally expressive person ... just not so much with the waterworks, this one. But, the flood gates opened in Episode 4 when high school students and teachers at Navarro Early College High School held a small, intimate time capsule ceremony. 

In a pre-season interview with Pride reporter Taylor Henderson, France — carefully treading in the no-spoilers zone — describes the episode as "special, really special."

Before their senior prom, the students reflect and thank their teachers. France does his signature, one finger swoop across the cheek as a tear rolls down. Usually, that's it, but the emotion is too much this time. He weeps and says, "It's so beautiful to see the connection you have with these kids and how much you've appreciated what your teachers have done for you ... it's beautiful."

Pretty much everything Antoni's dog, Neon, does is swoon-worthy

Antoni adopted a dog during the pandemic, as did many celebrities, according to Good Morning America. The cast and crew of "Queer Eye" were mid-way through the Austin-based production of Season 6 when the country went into lockdown. In a video shared by Austin Pets Alive, posted on March 17, 2020, Antoni announced that he was fostering an adorable pittie-mix named Neon. He says, "If you can't commit to adopting, I encourage fostering." 

Neon had other plans, though. That cutie wagged and wiggled her way into his life and — yup! — he adopted her. She's been enjoying the fame of her own Instagram account and television stardom. "Queer Eye" fans get to see Neon in super-cute outfits throughout the season. It's heartwarming to see the dog at a healthy weight and looking downright smiley. This good, good girl is spoiled rotten with kisses and snuggles — wholesome fur-baby bonding at its best.

QE Season 6 offers up Texas barns full of critters, cattle, and cowboys, but Neon's wardrobe shenanigans gets the blue ribbon.