Months Before His Death, Bob Saget Used TikTok To Pay Tribute To His Most Famous Role

Bob Saget had a successful career. From being a standup comedy icon to hosting the hilarious show "America's Funniest Home Videos," Saget was known for his comedic chops (via Variety). When he wasn't making everyone laugh, he was working hard raising money for charity. In fact, Saget was a board member for the Scleroderma Research Foundation, an organization raising money to research the rare disease Scleroderma.

All of these details are part of the reason why fans adored Saget. However, he is best known and loved for his role as America's Dad, Danny Tanner, on the sitcom "Full House." The successful show centered around Saget as a single father to three daughters and ran between 1987 and 1995 (via IMDB). The sitcom was so successful that it would eventually get a Netflix reboot, titled "Fuller House," which caught fans up on where the Tanner family went after they grew up, per NBC News

After Saget's tragic passing in Janaury 2022, fans paid tribute to the star by sharing this special Tiktok the star made just months prior.

Bob Saget's TikTok video had Full House fans in their feelings

Bob Saget became an active creator on TikTok not long before his heartbreaking death. He was not afraid to jump in on all the trends, including lip syncing along to a popular Lizzo song, per Bustle. His performance caught the singer's attention, and she responded in the best way. She shared the video and captioned it, "You got it, dude," paying tribute to his TV daughter's signature catchphrase.

Saget wasn't only using the popular platform to contact Lizzo. His account featured several throwbacks to his time on "Full House," including a sweet video flashback of him taking the stage with young Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen during the Emmy Awards (via TikTok).

In April 2021, Saget posted a TikTok that got all "Full House" fans in their feelings. He captioned the video "Love going home again #FullHouse" where he was sitting in front of San Francisco's special Painted Lady houses while the show's infamous theme song played in the background. It was a heartfelt tribute to the show that made him America's dad.