A Beauty TikToker's Product Review Has Fans In A Tizzy

There are hundreds of beauty reviews on TikTok daily. The app has an incredibly large beauty community, which Elle even says is "changing the way we buy beauty." However, every now and then, a beauty review comes around that goes viral for a whole different reason. Some product reviews are seen as not-so-helpful and even kind of confuse the people watching. Unfortunately, that's what happened to Yves Saint Laurent's newest lipstick innovation. Let's just say that this is one review in particular won't have you running out to buy any products after watching it.

YSL is high-end brand, which means their creations are, well, expensive. When beauty TikToker Meredith Duxbury reviewed the brand's new "lipstick printer," the world kind of collectively went "huh?" From confusing comments to full out rage, people have a lot to say Rouge Sur Mesure Set.

Here's everything you need to know about this new beauty tool and the TikTok review that's breaking the internet, so you can decide for yourself.

YSL's "lipstick printer" has TikTok up in arms

Okay, so let's jump right to it. The product in review is Yves Saint Laurent's Rouge Sur Mesure Set. It's a machine that mixes your perfect lipstick color together that you choose through an app. The color then "prints" out the top of the machine for you to apply to your lipstick. As Meredith Duxbury demonstrates in the TikTok review, you can then pop off the top and carry the lipstick as a lipstick compact. Once you're done, you simply wipe it clean and start over.

The only problem is that the machine is a whopping $477. The other really confusing thing is that Duxbury calls the device a "lipstick printer." "Uhm, does anyone know that there's such thing as a lipstick printer?," she starts the review saying. "'Cause I didn't until YSL hooked me up."

People on TikTok were a tad bit confused by the concept. "The way I thought it was gonna print out a whole lipstick," one TikTok user said with laughing faces afterwards. "Not me thinking it was a printer to rename your lipsticks," another person in the comments said.

TikTok isn't sold about this high-end beauty innovation

Unfortunately, the name of the review isn't the only thing that TikTok is dragging this review for, though. YSL's Rouge Sur Mesure Set is $477. Meredith Duxbury never mentions the price of the machine in the review, although she does say that YSL "hooked her up," which likely means it was sent to her.

It didn't take long for TikTok to find the price, though, and the comment section is filled with feedback about it. Comments range anywhere from, "so basically a more boujee and expensive way of mixing lipsticks on the back of your hand?" to "so it just mixes the colors for $500...?"

It seems like Duxbury really is a fan of the product, though. She replied to a comment about the price justifying that you can create over 1,000 lipstick shades with this machine. Considering that YSL lipsticks generally cost $39 each, this machine is technically saving you money — except for the fact that, like the comment section points out, you could also just mix two shades on the back of your hand and call it a day. 

People are mad about Meredith Duxbury wasting the product

Of course, people are going to have positive and negative opinions on just about every beauty review out there, but there's one other aspect of Meredith Duxbury's review that are irking people on TikTok — the makeup waste. 

At the end of the review, Duxbury shows how easy it is to wipe the compact clean with a baby wipe. Well, people aren't all that happy that the makeup went to waste. "Girl you just wiped away $250 of lipstick," one user commented. 

Whether the comment was made as a joke or not, it does pose a serious flaw of the machine. If you're paying $477 for the machine and the lipstick to go with it, you wouldn't just want to wipe away the product that's left after mixing. Maybe this review will make YSL think about the flaw. Or, you know, the brand could also assume that someone that spends that much money on a machine would easily wipe away the rest of the product.

Of course, it is worth noting that there are positive comments on the TikTok review as well. Some people love the idea of a makeup mixing machine and app. That's the beauty of makeup, my friends. Sometimes it for you, and sometimes it's not worth it — you decide!