How Lacey Chabert Keeps Her Marriage Out Of The Spotlight

Lacey Chabert has led a thriving career in Hollywood, beginning with her portrayal of Claudia Salinger in the drama "Party of Five." But for the younger generation, it's her iconic role as Gretchen Wieners in "Mean Girls" as one of the plastics she's best known for.


Now, Chabert is known as the queen of Hallmark Christmas movies due to her more than 30 made-for-TV movies on the network, per the Hallmark Channel. According to the outlet, Chabert made her debut on the Hallmark Channel in 2010 in the original movie, "Elevator Girl," followed by the 2012 film "Matchmaker Santa," starring Florence Henderson, who is best known for her role as Carol Brady in "The Brady Bunch."

Despite her popularity on-screen, Chabert — whose net worth may surprise you – keeps her personal life away from the camera, and that is especially true of her marriage. Just why does she keep it out of the public eye? Keep reading to find out. 

Lacey Chabert's husband is not an actor

The Hallmark actor married David Nehdar in December 2013 in a private wedding ceremony, according to Country Living. Their wedding was so intimate that it was several months before Lacey Chabert shared that she was married to her longtime boyfriend. "He's not in the business, and we like our privacy, and I just think relationships are hard enough without the opinion of strangers," she told People. "So we try to keep it as personal and private as possible."


Somehow the couple has managed to keep their relationship out of the limelight as not much is known about Nehdar. But, according to Wide Open Country, Nehdar has a successful career in business management.

Chabert, who experienced the heartbreaking loss of her sister in early 2021, shares photos of her daughter, Julia Nehdar, on Instagram but has yet to post photos of David. Obviously, the couple is serious about living their lives away from the cameras, which is completely understandable given Chabert's very public career.

So, while we continue to wait for more information to be revealed about Nehdar, we will enjoy the sneak peeks the "Mean Girls" actor provides us on her Instagram page.