If Your New Year's Resolution Is To Spend More Time With Family, Read This

Unlike losing weight or meditating, a New Year's resolution that involves the cooperation of other uncertain elements, like family members, can be more difficult to keep. Whether you're hoping to finally establish a connection with your estranged family members, or just want to dedicate more time to forming unforgettable memories with your children, there are plenty of ways to make those New Year's resolutions regarding more family time actually stick.

Aside from simply strengthening your relationships with those you love, spending more quality time with your family can actually benefit the physical and mental health of yourself and your family members, as well. According to Highland Springs Specialty Clinic, quality family time can ease feelings associated with depression, anxiety, and other mental illnesses. In children specifically, spending quality time with their family members can boost their confidence and performance in school, as well as curb behavioral issues.

If you're looking to spend more time with your young children, Families For Life reports that simply setting aside time sans phones and other distractions can help you achieve this goal. This quality time can include eating dinner, embarking on a family walk after dinner, or even reading together. Don't have enough spare time to dedicate to these daily activities? Families For Life also suggests scheduling a weekly or monthly excursion to a place that the whole family enjoys, like a museum, theme park, or restaurant.

Learn what activities your family members enjoy and do them together

Even the most disgruntled teenager wants to spend quality time with their parents. While the idea of playing "Call of Duty" with your teenager might not exactly be appetizing, Verywell Family reports that doing the activities that your teen likes together can build an even stronger family bond. The teen activist will enjoy doing a good deed together, such as volunteering at a homeless shelter or attending a climate change protest. Another great bonding opportunity with your teen involves passing on family traditions or knowledge in fun projects, like making a family recipe, fixing something broken in a car or in your home, or even learning a new language.

Looking to spend more time with your extended family members this year? Especially if your extended family members live across the country or world, utilizing technology like Zoom can be incredibly beneficial for speaking to these family members on a more regular basis. Perhaps scheduling a family Zoom meeting once a week can help keep every family member remain connected with one another. According to Families For Life, other simple changes, like working harder to congratulate your family members for their accomplishments, like a new job, anniversary, or graduation, and sharing meals together whenever you can (even virtually!) can work wonders to strengthen these essential bonds.