TikTok Can't Get Enough Of Beauty Guru's Unique Makeup Picks

There are hundreds of incredible beauty products out there just waiting to be discovered. Thankfully, TikTok came along to bring the best of the best to light. One of those beauty content creators and makeup reviewers is Mikayla Nogueira, who is no stranger to stunning looks. With 9.4 million views, Nogueira gets millions of plays on almost every video she posts, but there's one video in particular that's going viral for all the right reasons. If you love a statement makeup look, then get ready to invest in this chrome eyeshadow.

A makeup bag can never be too stuffed, you know? That's especially true when it comes to chrome eyeshadows. The technology behind makeup is so incredible nowadays that you almost won't believe these eyeshadows when you see their swatches IRL. And the product isn't the only incredible thing about this brand, either. When you hear the story behind the founder, you're going to have your credit cards ready. Honestly, if any makeup product deserves to go viral, it's Nogueira's latest find and here's why. 

Chaos Makeup's Pastel Chromes are going viral

It's time to clean out your makeup bag, because you're going to have to make some room for Chaos Makeup's Pastel Chromes. One look at Mikayla Nogueira's TikTok review, and you'll see why this product is so incredible. The product is exactly what it sounds like — pastel-colored chrome eyeshadows. However, these aren't your average powders. They shimmer super bright without being sparkly and the color payoff is incredible. 

According to Nogueira's TikTok, you combine the brand's mixing medium and the pastel chrome eyeshadows to bring the shine to life. The makeup enthusiast put them over her eyeshadow and they quite literally lit up her eyes. Chromes are not for the faint of heart. The color is anything but subtle but in the best way.

However, reading the comments, you'll find people are obsessed with the shades. "This makes me want to do eye makeup again omg," one TikTok user wrote. Others are almost too stunned to get full sentences out, sharing comments like "I'M IN LOVE" and "amazing!!!" You can snag all seven shades on the Chaos Makeup website for $26 each. The colors include everything from purple and pink to green and yellow. They're stunning and you're going to want every single one.

The founder of Chaos Makeup's story is incredible

The colors and swatches aren't the only reason that people are obsessed with these shades. The brand has a pretty incredible backstory as well. While some TikTok users are gawking over the stunning colors, others are equally obsessed with the owner of Chaos Makeup

"I'm from Corpus and Megan Martinez is such an inspiration! Her story is amazing," one TikTok user commented on Mikayla Nogueira's TikTok video. The user isn't lying. According to Allure, Megan Martinez, founder of Chaos Makeup, was a homeless teen and a freelance makeup artist before she started her makeup brand. "Makeup was not something I did because I love it," Martinez tells Allure. "It was something that I was just good at. At the time, it was a means of survival." 

It's safe to say that this woman is not just surviving, but thriving with her makeup brand now.

The Pastel Chrome formula is one of a kind

Everything from the products to the founder's story is absolutely incredible. Chaos Beauty is innovative, thoughtful, and about to be sold out if TikTok has anything to say about it. Founder Megan Martinez created her beauty brand as the perfect product for her (via Allure). It turns out that it was a perfect product for a lot of others too.

"I couldn't find anything that would make the skin look wet," Martinez tells Allure. "That was my goal at the time. I wanted something with a super dewy, wet finish, but at the time, there was nothing like that." Needless to say, she figured it out and it's absolutely incredible. Here's to remarkable women running incredible brands. And, you know, the women who also recommend them to us. As one TikTok user said to Mikayla Nogueira on her TikTok video, "The way you highlight small or lesser known businesses and SELL OUT their products — goddess moves."