Can You Use Food Coloring As A Lip Stain?

Finding the perfect lip color can be a difficult task. When you enter a cosmetics store, you're faced with hundreds of choices when it comes to brand, color, and texture. It can be overwhelming and, oftentimes, it can lead to walking out of the store with a lipstick that isn't quite what you were looking for due to panic when faced with endless options. If you've ever thought that life would be so much easier if you could just make your own lip colors at home, then you'll be pleased to know that doing so is entirely possible.

The popularity of hybrid lip and cheek stains has been on the rise for some time due to the natural look and versatile application and, as it turns out, it's one of the easiest beauty products to make yourself in the comfort of your own home. According to Bustle, making an amazing beauty product that you can use all over your face is surprisingly simple. It can be done using only a few ingredients and tools, most of which you probably already have in your home. Before you head out to your local makeup store to drop half of your paycheck on expensive products, see if you can dig some things out of your pantry and try experimenting at home.

At-home lip stain ingredients may surprise you

To make a lip and cheek stain at home, you don't need tons of fancy ingredients. In fact, all you need is a microwave, a mixing bowl, cotton swabs, and a container to store your products. For ingredients, the list is even simpler. You'll need glycerin, lip balm, and, most surprisingly, food coloring (via Bustle). To begin the process, pour some glycerin into your bowl. Then, it's time to start experimenting with colors. Since making the product is so inexpensive, you can play around with the colors until you create exactly what you're looking for.

Once you've tested out a few shades with your cotton swab, all you have to do is add your lip balm, pop it in the microwave to melt, and then transfer your creation into the container you grabbed to store your lip and cheek stain. According to All Beauty Hacks, food coloring is totally safe to use on the skin, so you don't have to worry about irritation. Once you've mastered the process, start playing around with colors and make yourself a whole rainbow of custom lip and cheek stains. You may never have to go back to the cosmetics aisle for lipsticks again!