Why You Should Be Putting Vodka On Your Skin

When it comes to skin care, there are so many hacks and tips to pick from. So, don't be surprised if you find that some certain products once considered great could later get shunned by the beauty community, according to Healthline. With the rise of social media marketing and the increased reach of social media influencers on trends and consumer purchasing, when it comes to picking skin care products, people tend to go for what's trending or the products currently being marketed by their beauty guru, per Forbes.

A lot of the skincare products seen on the channels of popular beauty influencers and YouTubers like Nikkie Tutorials are more expensive than what the average person can afford. Since most people don't get skincare products the way influencers do, sometimes it's more pocket-friendly to improvise. For broke college students and working class adults on a budget, there are several household products that can be used as efficient beauty treatments, per MintLife. One of these household products is Vodka.

Yeah, you read that right. Vodka can be as amazing as a party spirit as it can be wonderful for skin care purposes, which is another reason why you should always have vodka at home. And just if you're wondering what other wonder this drink is capable of, vodka can actually help freshen your laundry. But, let's give you more details on the skincare uses of vodka.

Vodka can perform multiple skincare duties

The fact that it is neither as gentle on the skin like honey or as soothing as oatmeal, according to Perfec-Tone, means that the thought of vodka doesn't inspire much confidence when it comes to beauty treatments. We totally get it. After all, the idea of doing skincare with something that burns when you drink it can be (more than) a bit scary.

However, vodka is more than just a party starter. It can be used as a skincare product, per Town & Country, considering the fact that different forms of alcohol are already present in many popular skincare products, per Self.

Forget all about Witch Hazel. Vodka can be used as an astringent toner, it can help tighten your pores and help with blemish control, just make sure to dilute it a bit. You can simply do this by adding ingredients like rose water which will help tone down the liquor's natural astringency, per StyleCaster.

This hidden skincare gem can also be used in DIY face masks, paired with naturally soothing ingredients. A face mask containing vodka can help tighten the face and achieve a more youthful look, per India. Vodka can also be used as a makeup remover. However, just to be absolutely clear once again, it is important to always dilute it when used for this purpose, per Health Shots.