Here's What You Can Substitute For Lip Stain

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Switching to a new lipstick formula can seem daunting. If you've only ever used lipsticks, just know that there's an entire world of other lip products, like liquid lipsticks and glosses, that are just waiting to be tried. One of the most underrated formulas out there is lip stains. The super light, strong-sticking item could be just what you need to amp up your beauty routine. If you like the look, you can even make your own formula with items you likely have in the house right now.

Instead of a lipstick sitting on top of your lips, a lip stain is a bit more hydrating. "Unlike lipsticks that add a layer on top of the lips, stains are absorbed into the outer layers of the skin for a sheer pop of low-maintenance color," makeup artist and Guide Beauty founder Terri Bryant tells Allure. If you're intrigued by the idea of a lip stain, it's easy to use these at-home items to replicate the look.

Combine Vaseline and blush for a pop of color

If you're looking to get the most hydrating lip stain possible, you're going to want to try this hack. As Refinery29 found, you can make a lip stain by mixing some Vaseline with a pigmented blush. Simply pick the shade in your collection that you like the best, rub your finger in the blush, and mix in some Vaseline. Dab the finished product on your lips for an instant pop of color! 

The fact that the blush powder is dry and the Vaseline is wet will help you achieve the stain look on your lips. The major upside to using this combo is that it's not only going to stay on your lips, but it will also hydrate them at the same time. Not to mention that Vaseline is super affordable! In fact, you can snag a 3-pack of Vaseline for just $5 on Amazon. Mix that with a blush you already own for a super affordable way to test out the lip stain.

Fruit leaves a nice stain, too

If you're looking for another affordable way to test out the lip stain trend, all you need to do is head to the kitchen and grab your fruit of choice. Per Thrive Market, you can use everything from berries to pomegranates to achieve the desired look, and it's pretty easy to do so. Simply crush the fruit, dab the fruit juice on your finger, and rub it on your lips. This gets you a perfect flush of color that won't budge. Thrive Market also suggests combining the fruit juice with olive or coconut oil to make the lip color even more hydrating.

As an added bonus, a fruit-based lip stain is also the safest way to nail the trend, because fruit is about as all-natural as you can get. By combining it with an equally natural oil, you'll have a clean beauty product that you can make right at home. It truly doesn't get better than that. 

Cream blush can pass for a lip stain

As if the above ways to get an at-home lip stain weren't easy enough, there's another way that's even easier. Per Stylecaster, dabbing a cream blush onto your lips will give the look of a lip stain. The product absorbs into the lips just like a lip stain — and while it may not last as long as a stain, it does achieve the same naturally pigmented look.

The bonus of using a cream blush to get a stain look is that you can build up the color that you want. For example, dab a little on your lips, or add layer upon layer to get a brighter color, without the product sitting on your lips like a lipstick. Plus, you can get a great cheek flush all at the same time! It's a two-for-one product, and the fact that you can get this look right at home makes it easy for everyone to do. Whether you're trying these tricks out to see how you like the product before you invest, or just looking for a more natural product, you can't go wrong with any of these DIY lip stain techniques.