Comedian Louie Anderson Has Sad Health News

Legendary comedian Louie Anderson has been in the spotlight for a little over four decades now. A native from St. Paul Minnesota, the actor and comedian has won a slew of Emmys and is perhaps best known for his hosting stint on "Family Feud," and for voicing the character Louie in the animated show he also created, "Life With Louie" (via AP News).

Most recently, the actor and funnyman received a lot of recognition for his hilarious role as Christine Baskets on the FX comedy "Baskets." Those who know the funny man claim he is "authentically nice," and Anderson is also known for his casual midwestern chattiness as well as his forgiving nature. 

"My nature is to let people off the hook because life is hard for everybody," he told GQ when describing how he was able to forgive someone who once blackmailed him. Anderson is used to making light of a hard time. However, recently he has found himself in a serious situation that is no laughing matter.

Louie Anderson has received a serious diagnosis

Louie Anderson has dealt with health issues before. The "Baskets" actor has been overweight since childhood and admittedly struggles to stay under 400 pounds (via GQ). Back in 2003, the 68-year-old has underwent two separate heart procedures for unspecified reasons, Desert reported.

According to People, the actor's agent revealed that Anderson is currently undergoing another serious health scare and has been admitted to a hospital in Las Vegas to undergo treatment. "Iconic comedian Louie Anderson is currently in a Las Vegas hospital being treated for diffuse large B cell lymphoma, a form of cancer," his agent Glenn Schwartz shared in a statement. "He is resting comfortably," Schwartz added. 

This form of cancer is common in people over the age of 60 in the United States. Although common and aggressive, the disease is "potentially curable" (via Lymphoma). Fingers crossed the legendary stand-up comedian will prevail and eventually be able to make a joke about his serious diagnoses in the future.