Can You Use Hair Conditioner As A Fabric Softener

Everyone's had that moment of dread reaching into the laundry closest only to find that you've run out of fabric softener. But instead of jumping in the car and dashing to the store, there's actually a product already in your house that you can use in the meantime. According to laundry machine manufacturer Speed Queen, hair conditioner can actually be used as a convenient and cheaper substitute.

While it may seem bizarre, fabric softener and conditioners do similar jobs. While you shouldn't use fabric softener to condition your hair (via The Beauty Brains), conditioner has the ability to soften both your hair and laundry. Not only that, but you can use small amounts of conditioner for other aspects of your life like taking makeup off, caring for your nails, and even shaving your legs, according to Cosmopolitan.

But, how exactly do you make conditioner work as a fabric softener? There's actually a specific mix that you should follow to make the most out of its softening properties.

You don't need a high quality conditioner

There are dozens of different recipes for homemade fabric softener out there, but they all follow a similar base of instructions. Speed Queen recommends that you mix six cups of hot water and two cups of conditioner, and then stir until smooth. The manufacturer recommends not to shake the mixture, as it will become foamy. You then need to add a small amount of vinegar to the mixture to store. According to the manufacturer, this mixture will create roughly a gallon of homemade fabric softener, so you can half the ingredients to make a smaller batch.

And you don't need to be specific on the brand of conditioner you use, either. As Happy Money Saver points out, you won't notice any difference from higher quality conditioners so a low-priced conditioner like Clariol Herbal Essence, Dove, Wella Balsam, or Breck are good choices — especially in terms of scent.

As for adding it to your laundry load, you can either add it as you would with your usual fabric softener, or soak a rag that you can re-use or use a spray bottle to spray the drum of the dryer before you put your clothes in, according to the blog The Cents' Able Shoppin.