This NARS Foundation Is Perfect For Skin With Yellow Undertones

Shopping online for foundations can be hit-or-miss, and that's especially the case in trying to find the right shade match. Even if you find a shade that looks like a close match, you might find that the coloring just doesn't look right on your skin. If you've ever felt that way about a foundation you've bought — you're certainly not alone. The key to finding the perfect shade match is matching to your skin color and undertone. Examples of undertones include pink/red, yellow, peach, olive, and neutral, per Masterclass


So, if you've ever bought a foundation that gives your face the sort of unflattering ruddy flush you get after powering through a HIIT workout, then you may actually have yellow undertones and need a corresponding foundation to accentuate that golden glow. While you can save existing foundations that have mismatched undertones by using a yellow mixer, buying a new foundation may be even easier. There are several brands with shade ranges that are friendly to yellow undertones, but there's one brand that especially takes the cake, and that's NARS (via Foundation Fairy).

This NARS foundation is perfect for a golden glow

NARS Natural Radiant Foundation is not only a high-performing foundation, it also has an excellent shade range with several options designed for golden-yellow undertones and ranging from fair skin to deep skin, according to Well+Good


The foundation has a blend of superfruits raspberry, apple, and watermelon, which help to firm the skin's elasticity and smooth the skin's texture. Celebrity makeup artist Stephen Moleski swears by the Natural Radiant foundation for clients with deeper skin tones (via Today Show). The long-wearing, buildable foundation blurs texture and comes in several shades.

Makeup artist Cindy Bonema agreed with Moleski and said, "A lot of Black women tend to suffer from foundations that don't have the right undertones and I believe that NARS has mastered that when it comes to their foundations. The undertones are perfect, there's a wide variety and I feel like it's easy to find the perfect match instead of having to mix two foundations."


Stylist and makeup artist, Courtney Resch, told Well+Good that the shade names based on global locations can get confusing, but added, "when you color match in person, they've got an excellent selection for warmer undertones, whether your skin looks more yellow, honey/golden, or a warmer olive."

So, if you're looking for the ultimate golden goddess glow, look no further than NARS Natural Radiant Foundation.