The Real Reason Dr. Ethan Choi Has Been Missing On Chicago Med

As fans of "Chicago Med" have noted throughout its seventh season, one character has been noticeably absent. Despite surviving a near fatal gunshot during the finale of the medical drama's sixth season, per Distractify, Dr. Ethan Choi's screen time has been cut down significantly since the show returned in September 2021.

Obviously, the character has a lot to recover from since being shot in the chest and all. But seeing as Brian Tee is a major player in the cast of "Chicago Med" as Dr. Choi, it's surprising to not see as much of him as in previous seasons. While Tee hasn't made any official announcement that he's leaving "Chicago Med" for good, there is a reason why he hasn't been as visible in the show's seventh season.

As it turns out, Tee's working schedule has been pretty hectic as of late seeing as he was cast to star opposite Nicole Kidman in a major Amazon series last September (via Deadline).

Brian Tee is very excited about his latest project

Titled "Expats," the series will see Brian Tee play Clarke, the husband to Nicole Kidman's Margaret in the series based on Janice Y.K. Lee's novel "The ExpatriatesDeadline reported. Tee shared the exciting news on Instagram. "Guess the cats outta the bag ... now you know where I've been," the actor captioned the post, referencing his absence as Dr. Ethan Choi. "Humbled to be a part of such an amazing group of artist #Expats," he added.

Speaking to TV Insider, Tee gave more of a glimpse as to how he feels about the series. "There are certain projects that feed the soul, fill the heart, and connect with you in ways you never thought possible," he explained, adding "I believe for me, this is one of them." Showrunner Lulu Wang is just as excited to see Tee join the cast. "Brian is a deeply compassionate actor with undeniable screen presence — an irresistible pairing with Nicole," she said in a statement (via TV Insider). "We are unbelievably fortunate to have him on board."

"Expats" isn't the only thing Tee has been working on during his absence from "Chicago Med." A quick look at his IMDB reiterates just how in demand Tee has been while playing Dr. Choi on the show, as he's also starred in the likes of "Star Wars: Visions," "Lucife," "The Beautiful Ones," and "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows."