The Most Ideal Places To Live If You're A Sagittarius

Where you live can not only tell a lot of things about you but also affect your life in innumerable ways. This is especially pertinent when considering your zodiac sign. Certain signs naturally function, and therefore live their best lives, in certain cities, states, and countries. This may especially be true for signs like Sagittarius that are widely known to be particular about their moods, personalities, friendships, and more.

It can be hard to determine how a Sagittarius shows love or where they should live, but, as noted by Cosmopolitan, it really isn't that difficult when one considers a Sagittarius' naturally clown-like behavior. They're funny, and they're rule breakers at heart. They don't listen to others well, especially to authority, but they're softies to their friends. A Sagittarius' self-care routine even reflects this.

What's perhaps most perplexing about the zodiac is how certain factors affect individuals. Sagittarius are known for certain toxic traits, but these might be mitigated if they lived in the right place that fostered their lifestyle the best. With that in mind, let's get to the bottom of the best places for Sagittarians to live.

A Sagittarius needs to live somewhere no one will judge them

For a Sagittarius, living somewhere they won't be judged is of utmost importance. Their energy is very important to them. In fact, many people often misconstrue Sagittarians' actions and energies because they're so unique. Still, those of this sign don't give up their natural dispositions or inhibitions.

Sagittarians therefore have certain ideal places around the world where they should live. According to Astrolada, states across America have their own zodiac signs, so living in one that matches your sign is ideal. The states that fall under the Sagittarius sign are New Jersey, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Mississippi, Alabama, and Indiana. Many of these states are laid back and would allow Sagittarians' funky yet fun and personable personalities to shine. Moreover, Insider adds that Utah is a particularly great state for Sagittarius. (Astrolada defines Utah as a Capricorn state, but its energy matches Sagittarius, too. After all, these two signs are next to each other on the zodiac.)

Outside of the United States, Sagittarians seem perfectly adept at living in Australia. According to Society19, Sydney brings out and fosters Sagittarians' natural curiosity. Meanwhile, Gold Coast is also perfect for this sign (via Born Realist). Sydney and Gold Coast are both party cities, too, which will satiate Sagittarians' fun side.

So, would you want to live in any of these places as a Sagittarius?