Can You Use Hair Conditioner As A Shaving Cream?

There's definitely no shortage of beauty products out there. Aisles are endless, and online beauty shopping is arguably one of the deepest rabbit holes on the internet. 

Despite a product existing for every single one of your beauty needs, sometimes, using a trusty household product just hits different. Except, of course, using toothpaste for pimples. We've outgrown that era (via Healthline). 

There are many factors at play here. First and foremost: affordability. No matter which way you spin it, a basic household product is going to cost a fraction of the price of a beauty one. 

What also helps is killing two birds with one stone: You can cut down on the products crowding your bathroom counter by using something you already own instead of adding to your collection.

The truth is that, once you're used to a great DIY hack, it's hard to stray from it. If it works, work it. 

So, if you're wondering whether using hair conditioner as a shaving cream will help save you some shower space, we're here to break it down.

Hair conditioner technically does the same thing as shaving cream

Sometimes, an at-home hack is simply great for saving time and money — but this one may be better than its beauty product counterpart, in our opinion. 

When you're in the shower, it's all about efficiency, right? Sure, we all have that one super-lengthy indulgent shower of the week, but, generally, you're trying to be in and out. 

Well, it turns out that, instead of having a 10-step-shower routine, you can get twice the use out of your hair conditioner by using it as a shaving lotion (via Women's Health). 

You may already be familiar with this trick. Shaving creams and lotions are marketed as must-haves for a smoother shave and to prevent ingrown hairs

But what makes hair conditioner perfect for the job is just how smooth and easy it makes shaving. Think about it. You use it on your hair to hydrate, soften, and smooth, and it does the same thing for body hair you're going to shave. The smooth, slippery consistency of conditioner allows your razor to glide easily along your skin, helping you get a closer shave (via L'Oreal Paris).

This method even has the added bonus of softening your hair, making it even easier to shave every last strand of hair, and it leaves your skin feeling smooth and soft, too (via Healthline).