The Truth About Bachelor Contestant Cassidy Timbrooks

While "Bachelor" fans have been talking about contestant Shanae Ankney's villain-like behavior during Clayton Echard's season of the show, there may be yet another villain emerging in Season 26, per Us Weekly. Cassidy Timbrooks has been grabbing the attention of viewers with her non-apologetic attitude and her willingness to steal some PDA-filled time with Clayton. During a previous episode, Cassidy continued to sneak away from a group date with Clayton, where the pair made out by the pool more than once. This angered the rest of the women, who were working hard to throw a birthday party for a child (via Parade).

Cassidy started even more drama when she told another one of the women that she had a fling with a man back home, whom she'd been getting intimate with. "There's one guy that I've been hooking up with one and off," she said. She also claimed that she had Facetimed with the man just before meeting Clayton.

It seems that Cassidy has been rubbing the other contestants the wrong way, and it could come back to haunt her once Clayton gets wind of her antics. Of course, the drama has made viewers curious about Cassidy's life away from reality TV.

Cassidy has been causing plenty of drama during Season 26 of The Bachelor

Cheat Sheet reports that "Bachelor" standout Cassidy Timbrooks has given fans plenty to talk about during Season 26 of the show. The reality star who is looking to win over Clayton Echard's heart is from Los Angeles, California. However, her Instagram account reveals that she was raised in Arizona and even spent some time living in Boston, Massachusetts, per Parade. Her bio on the ABC website claims that she's "a bold, blunt woman who isn't afraid to say how she feels or do what she wants. She spent her twenties experiencing life to the fullest and, through her past experiences, has figured out what she's truly looking for. She is driven, confident and looking for a partner who can keep up with her fast-paced lifestyle. She wants someone attracted to her independence, a teammate who wants to create a home, and someone who can match her adventurous nature."

Cassidy is a 26-year-old Executive Regional Recruiter who works for Titanium Recruiting. However, she reveals that she also worked as a bartender for several years after graduation from college. Her social media posts reveal that she loves showing off her different fashion looks for the camera. In addition, she enjoys spending lots of time with her friends and family members.

It's clear that Cassidy doesn't mind causing drama on "The Bachelor," which could eventually end in heartbreak for her.