The Most Ideal Places To Live If You're A Pisces

Where you live can affect every aspect of your life, and this is especially true for Pisces, the most sensitive, sympathetic, and emotional sign in the zodiac (via The Times of India). (Okay, Cancer may hold the title of most emotional in some regards, but Pisces is up there!) Generally, Pisces are revered as creative, fluid, and happy; they're the exuberant sign that some take as naive. Because of their seemingly flippant nature, Pisces appear to possess toxic relationship traits that might push others away, but sometimes they simply require their talents and personalities to be fostered.

A Pisces' ideal living situation is one where their imagination can soar to new heights. They don't want to be held back in any regard, not only for themselves but for their art — or for any career in which they find themselves. A Pisces' self-care routine reflects this, too, as they'll find creative ways to care for themselves. However, they can't care for themselves properly if they don't live in the right place.

Because of their innate sympathy and creativity, Pisces tend toward liberalism on the political spectrum (via Her Campus), which undoubtedly affects the best places for them to live. Here's where Pisces flourish.

Pisces require water, art, and spirituality to survive

Pisces are fueled by the creative mind above all else, so they must live in a city, state, or country that appreciates and promotes the arts and other creative ventures. There's even a perfect, ideal coffee order for Pisces so they can achieve all of their creative goals with a little caffeinated help. Ideally, Pisces' places of residence would offer good coffee.

According to Astrolada, each state within the U.S. has its own zodiac sign, and living in a state of your same sign can greatly benefit you. The states belonging to Pisces include Ohio, Vermont, Maine, Florida, and Nebraska, all of which make perfect sense. Florida can appear as a lawless state where fun is valued over everything else, which Pisces would love, and Vermont and Maine are both states with great coffee and creative cultures. Likewise, Insider adds that California is excellent for Pisces. Pisces find inspiration in the sea, and the bigger cities in California are liberal havens to many.

Outside of the U.S., there are two main cities that Pisces would thrive in. Society19 offers Bali, Indonesia, as a proper place for Pisces to live, citing the city's inherent connection to spirituality. Here, Pisces will feel like they're part of something bigger, helping them fulfill their destiny. Born Realist recommends Vienna, Austria, due to the city's art history. Mozart, Beethoven, and Bach all hailed from this region, and the city possesses hundreds of art museums for Pisces to explore endlessly.

So, where would you thrive as a Pisces?