How Clayton Echard Just Made Bachelor History

Clayton Echard's season of "The Bachelor" has already been filled with tons of drama. 

The former football player got his first real dose of reality TV drama with contestant Cassidy Timbrooks. During the second episode of Season 26, Timbrooks captured the attention of Echard and the viewers with her ruthless tactics in order to spend alone time with ABC's newest leading man. 

The 26-year-old recruiter (via CheatSheet) angered her fellow contestants when she skipped out on the group date activities and instead snuck off with Echard for a little make-out session, per Us Weekly.

However, the real drama came when Timbrooks admitted to another woman that she had a friend with benefits whom she'd been hooking up with before appearing on "The Bachelor." Timbrooks even confessed that she had FaceTimed with the mystery man just before heading out to meet Echard for the first time. 

When the situation was brought to Echard's attention, he made a very interesting decision, which fans of the show had never seen before.

Clayton Echard is the first Bachelor to ever take back a rose

According to Yahoo! Entertainment, Clayton Echard was very unhappy when he was told that Cassidy Timbrooks had been in an intimate relationship with another man shortly before appearing on "The Bachelor." 

However, before attempting to deal with the situation, Echard asked new "Bachelor" host Jesse Palmer if anyone had ever taken back a rose from a contestant. Since Echard had already given Timbrooks the group date rose, he needed some clarity before moving forward.

"What I'm hearing is that Cassidy essentially has a friends-with-benefits that she apparently was FaceTiming right before the limo entrance," Echard told Palmer. "The frustrating part is, like, I've already given her a rose, and, like, this is really muddying the waters."

Palmer told Echard that there were "no rules" and that he could make whatever decision he wanted. So, Echard decided to confront Timbrooks.

"There's a guy I slept with a few times over the course of the past few months who knows I'm here. But from the minute I met you, all I have done is gush about how I'm already falling into something with you," Timbrooks told Echard of the situation. 

However, it seemed to be too little, too late. Echard had already lost trust in Timbrooks and opted to take back her group date rose and send her home. 

The dramatic exit left the women in the house buzzing, but viewers know that more drama is sure to come.