What Are The Best Eyeshadow Colors For Brown Eyes?

Brown eyes are the most common eye color on the planet. According to Healthline, between 55 and 79% of the population look at the world through eyes that are some shade of brown. Make no mistake, even though the color is common, there is nothing ordinary about it. After all, the eyes are still the window to the soul, and every set is unique in some way — be it shade, shape, or size.

There's a lot to love about having brown eyes, too. Brown is a classic neutral that will likely never go out of style. As an added bonus, it's a color that is easy to play up and make look even richer than it already is. That's extra fortunate right now, since Harper's Bazaar said that dramatic eye looks are all the rage this winter. Metallic smokey eyes, bold and grungy eyeliner, and disco-dazzling (more like "Euphoria"-inspired) eye looks are seriously en vogue.

If you possess brown eyes and are looking to get in on any of the aforementioned trends, the world is your playground. However, there are certain colors that will do even more heavy lifting than others. Read on for some handy tips and tricks to help you find the best eyeshadow colors to pair with brown eyes.

Green and blue eyeshadow makes brown eyes pop

Ipsy noted that beauty gurus head to their handy color wheel when matching blue and green eyes to see the opposite color for each of these hues. Take green for instance; its opposite is red. If you want to make green eyes extra radiant, you can reach for red and pink-toned shadows. Closer colors on the wheel such as yellow or blue will create a softer look. That's all fine and dandy for blue and green eyes, but you'll find brown doesn't show up on many color wheels. That's because it's a neutral.

What do we do with that information? Well, for starters it does mean brown eyes are the easiest to match to other colors. That being said, there are fun ways to pump them up. For instance, Ipsy noted that (very on-trend) green eyeshadows will nicely complement brown eyes. They recommended matching the hue to your eye color in this case. So chocolate browns will look nice with rich emeralds, and lighter browns pair nicely with mints. It's also a safe bet to keep the rest of your face neutral by using beige lipstick shades in complementary tones so you can let the eyes do the talking!

If green isn't your color, Cosmopolitan noted pops of light blue shadow are stunning on brown-eyed girls like Kendall Jenner. You can very easily jump in on the trend, too. Start with a dash in your inner corner and go from there.

Gold and neutral eyeshadow will always be classic options

What is a failsafe color to pair with neutral brown eyes? How about another neutral? Glamour noted that neutrals such as warm rusts will make your eyes extra dimensional. The coppery tone of the shadow is guaranteed to bring out flashes of green and gold in your eyes, and create an unexpected pop of color. Meanwhile, bronze shadows (or eyeliners) are another safe choice. If you're a neutral lover but are looking to pack on the drama, maybe try a shimmery gold.

Glamour also pointed out that the shimmer of gold will make your eyelids pop and play nicely with your eyes. Meanwhile, makeup artist Lauren Berlingeri told Ipsy that brown eyes help add depth and dimension without going too bold. While the color obviously evokes serious glitter (after all, all that glitters is gold), that doesn't have to be the case. You can go for a softer sheen and get a look that feels safe, comfortable, and wearable on an everyday basis. Or you can live by your own rules and amp up the drama. For instance, Ipsy mentioned a dash of gold on the lid for an enviable smokey eye.

You've likely heard that black and brown don't go together. However, we're here to tell you that gray eyeshadow and brown eyes make for a winning combination. Ipsy recommends the cooler tone to create some extra contrast with warm-toned brown eyes. Also a flash of silver... that's a guaranteed winner.

Purple eyeshadow will punch up brown eyes

If neutrals aren't your bliss, purple eyeshadow is another colorful option that pairs well with brown eyes. L'Oreal Paris noted that the royal color packs a lot of versatility with shades ranging from soft lilac to deep eggplant. Better yet, any shade is going to amp up the brown of your eyes and make the whites look even brighter. Did someone say high contrast beauty? If so, here it is! Like any other color we've already mentioned, you don't have to go all in on purple, though.

Lauren Berlingeri told Ipsy that a safe bet is to start with mattes in your crease and then to dash on a purple shimmer for your lids. If you want to brighten the look up then you can always reach for a lighter hued shimmer to dust on your inner corner.

Now that you know what colors work best for your brown eyes, we recommend picking up a palette from our 2022 List Beauty Awards: eyeshadow edition. The award-winning palette, ColourPop Cosmetics's Lush Life Shadow Palette, features pops of green and blue alongside warm-toned neutrals. That's a guaranteed win for a brown-eyed beauty like yourself!