These Are The Perfect Eyeshadow Palettes For You If You Love The Color Green

We've likely all heard the age-old adage that the eyes are the windows to the soul. And with lips taking the backseat in beauty routines during 2020, eyeshadow reigned supreme for makeup gurus (via Allure). However, Forbes noted that lipstick sales turned around in 2021 with the authorization of vaccines easing mask mandates. That's reflected in fall 2021 beauty trend forecasts compiled by the likes of Harper's Bazaar, Glamour, and Elle. But a gorgeous eye also remains very much on-trend.

Glamour noted that one color of eyeshadow in particular is having a moment this fall: green. Beauty enthusiasts likely already know that this isn't the first time emerald eyes have enjoyed their time in the sun. Vogue provided a couple must-read tips on how to pull off the glam look way back in 2019. If you're looking to give the trend a shot now but don't have any green in your collection, have no fear. We compiled a rundown of must-have palettes at a variety of price points that will leave everyone else green with envy over your superior stash.

You don't have to break the bank for the perfect emerald eye

Anyone who has ever taken a trip to Sephora or Ulta knows makeup can get expensive. But you don't need to find a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow to afford the perfect green eyeshadow palette. For instance, Beauty Bays' Wilderness palette offers a feast of green tones ranging from moss and forest green to an acidic lime, all for the affordable price of $15. It got rave reviews from the likes of YouTuber Battybean (via YouTube).

As of September 2021, the year's perfect fall palette is currently sold out on Beauty Bay, but there are plenty of other excellent options at a similar or even more affordable price point. Guru Katie Marie mentioned e.l.f. Cosmetic's Hot Jalapeno Bite Size Eyeshadow Palette as a perfect option (via YouTube). The four-pan snack retails for a cool $3 on Ulta and provides a range of shimmer and matte shades that are guaranteed to create a striking eye look. While the focus is obviously on green, there's also a pop of gold shimmer to spice things up a bit.

The brand has two mint-inspired four-pans available at a similar price on their website if you'd prefer more of a cool-toned aesthetic. Byrdie also mentioned a $7 palette by Revlon as a perfect introduction to the shade. These aren't the only options at a drugstore price point, either. Some brands provide multiple green-centric palettes, all at very affordable prices.

ColourPop has palettes for people who love every shade of green

ColourPop Cosmetics is renowned within the beauty industry for their frequent drops. YouTuber Angelica Nyqvist has a running segment in her weekly "New Makeup Releases" video about the frequently multiplying product line (via YouTube). On the other hand, several of the products also land high in her monthly ranking videos (via YouTube), so the quality is there. There's another bonus: Since the brand is so prolific, it appeals to a variety of tastes.

That's even the case if you're searching for green eyeshadow on their website. ColourPop boasts an expansive range of monochromatic color stories. If teal is your favorite, try the High Tide. What if pastel mints are more your scene? Then you'll need to pick up Mint To Be. If you just want green eyeshadow in your collection, try the five-pan Hi, Society palette. It features a variety of tones and a mix of matte and shimmer finishes.

You don't necessarily need a monochromatic palette to get an emerald eye, either. Their newly released Lush Life features tropical pops of forest and lime green alongside royal blue and warm-toned neutrals. In comparison, a collaboration with Disney's Tinkerbell called Sprinkle A Little Magic includes an array of greens alongside cool-toned mauves. "Star Wars" fans can channel Baby Yoda by picking up The Child, which blends murky greens with dirty gold shimmers.

BH Cosmetics sells green eyeshadow palettes inspired by ice cream and gemstones

BH Cosmetics went viral after announcing a Y2K-inspired drop with rapper Iggy Azalea. The collaboration included plenty of nods to the beauty trends that drove the early aughts, such as high-shine lip glosses and frosty pink, blue, and purple eyeshadows. You'll notice that shades of lime, olive, and sea-foam don't really fit the description. However, the brand found inspiration from a couple other sources for green-themed eyeshadow palettes.

Several times, they've pulled inspiration from inside the kitchen. Take their Sweet Shoppe collection for instance, which pays tribute to everyone's favorite sweet treat — ice cream. Lovers of green can dip into a range of pastel and jewel tones in their Pistachio palette, which was so popular that it sold out and was restocked in 2020 (via Instagram). If breakfast is more your bliss, maybe you'd rather grab the Avocado Toast palette off the menu. This option features a blend of warm-toned neutrals, which makes for the perfect pair with green if you're looking to dip your toes into playing with colorful eyeshadow.

Astrology will always be popular, but at BH Cosmetics the focus is on birthstones in 2021. The brand is dropping a new seven-pan palette every month inspired by the coordinating birthstone. So far, two have a strong green theme: Emerald for May and Peridot for August. Buyers beware: These two options do include pressed glitters, which aren't recommended for application directly near the eye.

Juvia's Place is the home of colorful eyeshadow

Allure declared Juvia's Place's Nubian palette a neutral lover's must-have back in 2018. Beauty Guru NikkieTutorials noted the brand was renowned for their pigments and referred to it as her favorite for eyeshadows (via YouTube). But is the Black-owned beauty line good for colorful eyeshadows? The answer to that is a resounding "yes!" If anything, most of the brand's drops are dripping in a rainbow of colors. Take for instance their rainbow-bright Warrior III palette, which ranks in Allure's 30 best palettes of all time.

When it comes to greens, Juvia's Place has you covered. Their beloved Tribe palette was a green lover's dream but has since been discontinued (via Instagram). However, many of their palettes incorporate a touch of the color. For example, their Magic Mini features an unbelievably vibrant green shimmer. 

If you don't want to pick up a rainbow and are only looking to add a few shades of green to your collection, this is a good route to take without breaking the bank: One of the latest drops was a foursome of monochromatic eyeshadow quads, two of which feature shades of green. The first is the Rebel Army palette, which goes murkier with dark tones. The second is the Rebel Mint, which is a softer option. With gorgeous packaging and pigment that pays off, there's so much to love about this vibrant brand.

Shop an indie makeup brand for green eyeshadow

Indie beauty brands are doing it big in 2021. Although sometimes you'll pay a higher price point for a product released by an independent brand, many gurus swear by their quality. As an added bonus for lovers of color, it seems like you can pick up eyeshadow in any color of the rainbow from some of these brands. Take Jeffree Star Cosmetics, for example. Owner and makeup mogul Jeffree Star has dropped palettes in almost every color of the rainbow over the years, including his green-themed Blood Money palette.

If you're looking to support an indie brand and want to add green to your collection, there are plenty of other options to consider. No one does makeup quite like a drag queen. They've mastered bold, colorful looks guaranteed to induce death dropping. Queen Kim Chi launched her KimChi Chic Beauty, and her Virgin Mojito palette features a vibrant blend of lime green and yellows. Meanwhile, Trixie Cosmetics (owned by Trixie Mattel) will send you in a different direction with the softer Plant Gay palette.

Lifestyle blog My Life After Coffee lists Melt Cosmetics as a must-try indie brand. They're slowly breaking into Sephora, but the line's dark and dramatic color stories set them apart. A perfect example is their dreamy Smoke Sessions palette, which should be on every shimmer lover's list. One last indie option? Guru Katie Marie also mentioned Give Me Glow's Juicy Olive as a must-own green palette (via YouTube).

If luxury is the goal, these green palettes deliver

We've already established that makeup doesn't have to break the bank to be worth a closer look. However, if luxury is your end goal, these green-hued palettes will deliver the fantasy. Arguably two of the most popular high-end beauty brands when it comes to eyeshadow are Pat McGrath and Natasha Denona. Both of them have palettes that cater to those looking to add some emerald to their lives.

Pat McGrath goes green with her Mothership II: Sublime palette. Clocking in at $125 for 10 shades, that means you're paying $12.50 per eyeshadow. That's a ways above the $.75 per shadow you'd pay for e.l.f. Cosmetics. However, the experience with this is totally different. The palette leans neutral with a special green shimmer that takes your look to another dimension. Is it worth the price? Guru and blogger Temptalia rated it an A- on her blog and broke down each shade in the palette. Based on that knowledge, it's up to you to decide.

When it comes to Natasha Denona's line, there are a couple palettes that feature pops of green. The Triochrome palette has a row of mustard yellows and pastel greens with a coordinating multichrome shadow. Her Zendo pairs cool greens with pops of warmth, while her $239 Palette 28 is a budget buster. One of her most popular options with a pop of green would be her more affordable Metropolis, which Angelica Nyqvist listed as the brand's best release (via YouTube).