Donald Trump Just Made A Bold Declaration On The Golf Course

Donald Trump, the 45th president of the United States, was perhaps one of the country's most divisive, and he appears to thrive on the controversy. One of the many ongoing controversial threads that haunted his presidency is how many days he reportedly spent on the golf course rather than working in the White House. According to Forbes, Trump spent 285 days on golf courses from his inauguration until November 2020, which is approximately 70 days short of spending a year, or one fourth of his tenure, out on the course.

Trump's relationship with golf is troubling for some, and it may be troubling for him, too. Trump's golf course might have an insurance fraud case, and questions have been raised regarding whether his Scottish golf courses have broken the law or not. It's not uncommon for U.S. presidents to golf. In fact, Forbes further noted that President Barack Obama spent 105 days golfing in the same timeframe that Trump spent 285 days. However, the difference in the two numbers is staggering, leading to confusion about who's leading the country.

Trump has spent plenty of time golfing post-presidency, too, and he's now made a bold declaration on the golf course that could have lasting consequences for years to come.

Donald Trump has officially labeled himself the "45th and 47th" President

Potentially the scariest aspect of Donald Trump's presidency is its lasting effects on the U.S., including more division between political parties and social classes than we've seen in a long time. Now, all eyes are on Trump to see whether he'll run for a second term in the White House in 2024, and it looks as though he may. According to The New York Post, a video going viral online on Wednesday shows Trump declaring himself the "45th and 47th" President of the United States on the golf course.

This comes after an announcer called him the "45th president" upon his walk up to the tee. Trump called back confidently that he's the "45th and 47th president," seemingly confirming that he's running for office again, which he's teased before. Some, like Michael Cohen, don't think Trump could handle another run, but Trump has never been one to let others' opinions affect his actions, even when they should.

While a second term for Trump could lead to an even more segmented nation, Time warns that this divide could deepen even if he doesn't run and win in 2024. The seeds for this division were sewn in 2015 and have been fertilized and grown since, and Trump, even if he's not president, will continue to speak his mind and rile up his supporters. The outlet warns of a potential civil war if matters get worse, but for now, we can only look to the future in an optimistic way and do our best in the present to foster open communication and growth for everyone.